Yu Mang

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Starting Attributes Male Female Skill Flow
HP: 55
MP: 55
Melee DMG 7-11
Magic DMG 1-1
Crit% 1%
Attack Rate 0.67
Hit Rate 40
Dodge Rate 30
Travel Speed 5.2
Physical DEF 3
Magic DEF
» Metal 2
» Wood 2
» Water 2
» Fire 2
» Earth 2
Yao Shou Yao Shou ym.jpg
Stat Distribution 1 CON = Max HP +13
6 STR = 4 DEF; +5 STR = DEF +1
1 INT = Max MP +10
1 DEX = Accuracy +8, Dodge Rate +6
Level Up Bonus: Max HP +26, Max MP +22


Name Icon Weapon Required Skill Rank Req Level Description
Active (Attack)
Aim Image Ranged Weapons None Steadfast None Damages your enemies physically.
Running Fire Image Ranged Weapons None Steadfast None Quickly shoot to damage your enemies a lot.
Repulse Arrow Image Ranged Weapons Rapid Shot Attuned 19 Launch a quick attack to knockback your enemies.
Binding Arrow Image Ranged Weapons Buster Shot Attuned 29 Motion-disables the enemies for some time if you are successful.
Impact Arrow Image Ranged Weapons Spin Shot Enigmatic 39 Knockes the enemies out for some time
Lethal Arrow Image Ranged Weapons Plasma Shot Forbidding 49 Stuns enemy
Arrowstorm Image Ranged Weapons Spiral Shot Sinister 59 Continuously damages your enemies a lot in the area.
Falling Thunder Image Ranged Weapons None Cunning 13 Does the metal damage to your enemies.
Wailing Sky Image Ranged Weapons Thunder Shot Attuned 29 Does metal damage to the enemies while reducing the metal resistance.
Thunderclap Image Ranged Weapons Thunderbolt Enigmatic 44 Making the metal damage to the target and the small area around it.
Claws of Heaven Image Ranged Weapons Hyper Lightning Sinister 59 Does the metal damage to your enemies continuously for a long time and slow them down.
Glacial Arrow Image Ranged Weapons Enchant Flame Cunning 9 Decreases movement speed
Darting Serpent Image Ranged Weapons Enchant Ice Attuned 19 Cause continous wood damage after enemies are wounded
Piercing Arrow Image Ranged Weapons Poison Shot Attuned 34 Attack your enemies to bleed, causing constant physical damage.
Splintering Arrow Image Ranged Weapons Impulse Shot Forbidding 49 Attack your enemies, reducing their up limit of life values for a short time
Wing Strike Image - Feather Shield Attuned 23 Closely attacks your enemies.
Wing Sweep Image - Feather Strike Sinister 39 Attacks your enemies around you and repel them.
Active (Buff)
Blazing Arrow Image Ranged Weapons None Steadfast 6 Adds fire damage to your attack
Feather Barrier Image - None Cunning 9 Absorbs a fixed quantity of damage from enemies and recovers your MP
Soaring Eagle Image - Shattered Feather Sinister 59 Use the power of holy eagles to move yourself freely, reducing damage free from movement prevention
Sheath of Feathers Image - None Novice 23 Increases evasion rate and movement speed
Passive (Mastery)
Flight Mastery Image Ranged Weapons None Cunning 9 Increases flying speed
Hundred Paces Image Ranged Weapons None Cunning 9 Increases attack distance of long-range weapons
Bow Mastery Image Ranged Weapons None Attuned 29 Increases attack power when using long-range weapons
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