Yao Shou

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Starting Attributes Male Skill Flow
HP: 85
MP: 35
Melee DMG 5-9
Magic DMG 1-1
Crit% 1%
Attack Rate 0.91
Hit Rate 40
Dodge Rate 40
Travel Speed 4.9
Physical DEF 3
Magic DEF
» Metal 2
» Wood 2
» Water 2
» Fire 2
» Earth 2
Yao Shou ys.jpg
Stat Distribution 1 CON = Max HP +17
6 STR = 4 DEF; +4 STR = DEF +1
1 INT = Max MP +7
1 DEX = Accuracy +8, Dodge Rate +8
Level Up Bonus: Max HP +34, Max MP +14


Name Icon Weapon Required Skill Rank Req Level Description
Humanoid Form
Active (Attack)
Bestial Hammer Bestial Hammer Axe, Hammer None Steadfast None Does physical damage.
Strangle Strangle Axe, Hammer Bestial Hammer Steadfast 3 Does physical damage and bleeding to the enemies.
Funeral Bell Funeral Bell Axe, Hammer Bestial Hammer Cunning 13 Does physical damage to your enemies in a sector-shaped area.
Thousand Ton Hammer Thousand Ton Hammer Axe, Hammer Strangle Cunning 16 Increases physical attack power and makes a chance to strike enemies to faint.
Shatter Shatter Axe, Hammer Thousand Ton Hammer Attuned 23 Does physical damage and reduces the defense of enemies armors.
Flaming Wind Flaming Wind Axe, Hammer Funeral Bell Lucid 29 Does physical damage to enemies straight ahead and causes continous fire damage.
Splitting earth Splitting earth Axe, Hammer Flaming Wind Enigmatic 39 Does physical damage to enemies around, and repeles them.
Defiance Defiance Axe, Hammer Shatter Forbidding 49 Physically damages your enemies far away and reduces their dodge.
Armageddon Armageddon Axe, Hammer Splitting earth Sinister 59 Use all your energy to change your life and energy into a huge attack around you.
Active (Buff)
Inspire Inspire Axe, Hammer Bestial Strength Attuned 19 Increases max HP of team mates for 30 minutes
Burning Blood Burning Blood Axe, Hammer Inspire Lucid 29 Increases accuracy but decreases max HP for 10 minutes
Divine Strength Divine Strength Axe, Hammer Burning Blood Forbidding 49 Increases attack power of team mates for 30 minutes
Bestial Fury Bestial Fury Axe, Hammer, Barehanded None Attuned 19 After activation, you can change your anger into your energy after you are attacked.
Active (Transformation)
Roar of the Tiger Roar of the Tiger Axe, Hammer, Barehanded None Cunning 9 Transform to a white tiger increasing its HP and movement speed but attack power decreases
Passive (Mastery)
Bestial Strength Bestial Strength Axe, Hammer None Steadfast 6 HP recovery speed increases
Swimming Mastery Swimming Mastery Axe, Hammer, Barehanded None Cunning 9 Swimming speed increases
Axe and Hammer Mastery Axe and Hammer Mastery Axe, Hammer, Barehanded None Lucid 29 Attack power increases when using an axe or hammer
Humanoid Form
Active (Attack)
Raging Bite Raging Bite Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Roar of the Tiger Cunning 9 Does physical damage with a basic physical attack and bleeding, and forces to attack you.
Wrath of the Tiger Wrath of the Tiger Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Raging Bite Attuned 19 Swoop your enemies, breaking their current skill, and damaging them physically.
Tiger's Maw Tiger's Maw Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Wrath of the Tiger Lucid 29 Does physical damage and reduces enemies physical defense.
Turbulent Seas Turbulent Seas Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Tiger's Maw Enigmatic 39 Does physical damage to your target and the enemies around him, and slowes them down.
Sundering Heaven Sundering Heaven Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Turbulent Seas Sinister 59 Does physical damage and bleeding, and you can absorb life values.
Active (Buff)
Poison Fangs Poison Fangs Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Roar of the Tiger Attuned 26 Add the wood damage to all the common attacks after a metamorphosis.
Veil of Shadow Veil of Shadow Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Bestial Form Level 10 Sinister 59 Damage from monsters decreases for 20 seconds
Active (Debuff)
Tiger's Challenge Tiger's Challenge Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Poison Fangs Lucid 34 Roar and attract your enemies around to attack you.
Tiger's Presence Tiger's Presence Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Tiger's Challenge Enigmatic 44 Physical attack power and movement speed decreases
Passive (Mastery)
Bestial Form Bestial Form Axe, Hammer, Barehanded Roar of the Tiger Cunning 13 Physical defense power increases when in best form
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