Number 1 Martial Artist

How to play

Lv Required 40 above
Admission Fee 100,000 yuan
NPC Fight Tournament NPC
• Sword City (434,887) (429,876)
• Feather City (324,418) (328,429)
• Beast City (250 647)
• Dragon City (529 663) (551 636)
• Universal City (133 858) (117 858)
When 8:00 pm - 8:05 pm Thursday
Zones 40-49
What to do • Talk to the Tournament NPC to be transported to the game lobby
• Make sure you have the fee with you to pay 100k yuan to be transported to the next round
• All players will automatically be in PK mode once inside the venue
• You will need to dig a Treasure Box for 5 rounds
• The Match NPC will appear when the treasure box appears in each zone
• Each box will also provide the ticket to the next round. Talk to the Match NPC to move to the next round
• The Director NPC heals all the players while moving players to the next round
• Depending on how many war soul tablet you have in hand, you can exchange them into its corresponding rewards


Match NPC
Appears to teleport players to the next round

Director NPC
Respawn point. Mass heals all players for a time



  • Only 180 players can enter each zone
  • Leaving the event will teleport you to DC North
  • All players are in PK mode
  • No PK in the reception lobby
Credits:Official Chi PW, Official Jap PW

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