Wingkind, gifted with the ability to fly, develop wings from the moment they were born. This allows them to move freely in the skies once their wings are strong enough to carry them.

Some of the wingkind have developed their skills on archery. Those who do rely on their bows, crossbows and slings to defeat their enemies in battle and rid the world of the soulless. These wingkind archers are known as YuMangs.

YuLings, on the other hand, rely on supportive spell-casting. Armed with knowledge on spells that increase other people's defensive and offensive capability, they reinforce the troops' prowess in battle. But, do not think that these wingkind spell-casters lack any skills in defending themselves or causing any damage. Aside from their supportive spells, they are also capable of casting destructive ones and can chant spells that can lower an enemy's defensive and offensive capabilities.

Specialization: Long Ranged Attacks
Weapon of Choice: Ranged Weapons

Yumangs are believed to be offsprings of humans and gods and on which bloodlines are made apparent through their intrinsic physical beauty and elegance.

Their race is blessed with wings and can fly the skies as an innate skill. Unlike Yu Lings, they can not fly forever and must rest between flights.

The Yumangs are the guardians of the Wing race. They utilize wooden equipment like bows and arrows and other long range weapons to ward off attackers and would be enemies. They are known to be fierce defenders and warriors as well as excellent archers.

Yu Mang
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