Treasure Hunt

Event Info

Time: Saturday 7 pm
Place: Arena (Beast, Feather, Sword and Dragon City)



Additional Info

  • There are a total of 26 treasure boxes that renews itself every 20 minutes after it has been dug by a person
  • PK Enabled map
  • You cannot drop any item inside the arena. So once your inventory is full, you cannot pick up any more items.


The event happens inside the Arena of all 4 major cities(Beast, Feather, Sword and Dragon City) every Saturday 7 pm. At the strike of 7, the arena is filled with treasure chests waiting to be opened. Open the boxes and you can get anything from refined oils to level 8 soul stones. But some boxes contain monsters with lots and lots of HP. The good thing about these monsters is that YOU ARE IMMUNE TO THEIR ATTACKS. So while it takes a lot of time taking them down, you can be sure that you will not get killed by them.

Here are the catches:

First, anyone can loot the drops. Those big monsters drops about 30 items when they die (about 5 immortal stones, 15 celestial stones, 3 emblem of power, and some soul stones). And even though you were the only one to lay damage on him, anyone can get his drops.

Second, no can can drop anything inside the arena. Once inside the bag, it can never touch the arena floor. Either consume the item or get out and drop them. So be sure to have lots of baggage space available before entering.

Third, and the most important of all. The arena is a PK Area. Even though you have set your settings to NON-PK mode, anyone can PK you or can be PK-ed by you. To attack someone, just hold "control" simultaneously with the skills you want to use against the player.

By the way, if you die, THERE IS NO EXP LOSS. so enjoy killing and getting killed.

REWARDS: Emblem of Power, Celestial Stones, Immortal Stones, Level 3 to 8 soul stones.

Source: Heaven

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