Exiled Anniversary Scavenger Hunt



1. This is an event for Tiger server so only players from Tiger server can join.
2. This will be a group event. There can only be one team winner.
3. Players need to form a group of 5 and must be in a party.
4. This will be a scavenger hunt, the list and our location will be posted on November 9, exactly 3 pm, on the homepage.
5. There will be 6 lists depending on your job class. Each list will contain 7 items.
6. Each list will be different. A player should get the items listed in his/her job class list.
7. The event will end at 6 pm or earlier if we have a team winner by then.
8. We will need to get the items from each team member to assure that no items will be traded to another teammate after checking. Don't worry because we will return the items after checking the items of the whole party.
9. The team will win 50m. 10m/member.
10. Comments will be very much appreciated.

Congrats to:

Ms_JiGLy , Hyacinth , lonewulf, $hadow and †eric† for winning the Grand Prize of 50m

™R†S™ , cartridge, chuby²² , Chaloiz, Raijin16 for winning the Consolation prize of 25m

Join us again in our future events.

This event is brought to you by the Exiled Clan.

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