Tiger Clans

Not a complete listing of clans

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Logo Clan Name Website Additional Information
blank.PNG †HeroeS† Forum Unified by Hope and Disappointment.. we are HEROES
blank.PNG _KinDrEd_ Clan image
clan_kindred_pw[at]yahoo.com (friendster email)
blank.PNG Aether Forum Descendant of Heaven. We unite to continue the legacy once we started.
cnocturna.gif ÇNoc†urna Main Site We are a clan were most of the players are active during night time[work and study causes] We cherish friendship and enjoy the game as much as possible with the clan above all else.
blank.PNG Decima Forum Join the Revolution
blank.PNG Encore Forum Together we stand, divided we fall
exiled.PNG Exiled Site
Honor. Strength. Glory.
blank.PNG eVoLuTiOn Site New Age has come, New Clan has Reborn, prove the power, stand until end.
blank.PNG Fidelis Forum Semper Fidelis - "Always Loyal" Loyalty to the Empire
guardians.jpg Guardians Forum -
blank.PNG Guardians Extension Forum -
blank.PNG Heaven Blog We are the descendants of the pure half
hyperangels.PNG HyperAngeLs Forum -
KONOHAforehead.jpg Konoha -
legacy.PNG Legacy™ Forum
Legends Come And Go But their Legacy will Remain
blank.PNG Qin Empire Forum Currently having a logo contest. Go to our forums to join.
blank.PNG Revenge Forum Mission: To achieve camaraderie and bonding from the members of the clan and instill unto their hearts the word “LOYALTY”.
Vision: To become the best clan in Perfect World and be able to acquire lands not through power and greatness but through “FRIENDSHIP”
blank.PNG Son of Odin Main Site event clan
blank.PNG Vestige Forum Vestige is composed of clans namely : Covenant , Brusco , Ryodan and Elysium
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