Story Of The Dragon

This story is about the territorial wars in the Dragon Server as narrated by StoryMan.
Addendum: storybaby took over the story-telling.

The air is very still…and yet everyone can feel a pulse. As if a shockwave is coming from the ground underneath Pangu's Realm.

Pangu has been restless, also at the same time amused. Forbidden to interfere with the affairs of Men, FairyKind, and Beastkin he watches with ever increasing interest as the days pass by. From the heights of Universal City, to the Wilderness of Dragon City. Human's, FairyKind and Beastkin are preparing to wage war againts each other. Who will prevail? Although a bit grim, he can't help but grin. Thus is the fate of those with the power to create, to watch his creations choose their own paths, their own destiny, their own future.

The world must be balanced, without Yin their can never be Yang, He sighs and stares at his Land.

To the North West lie the Celestial Beings, a new nation formed by two powerful Kings that walk the same path.
Do they hold the power to shape this new world? or will they end up destroying themselves? Only time will tell.
Will their hearts turn as cold as the very place where they stand? High in the Ice Bounded Land, where extreme cold reigns supreme this Titans from the West and the South is truely a sight to behold. Wardrums beat ever constantly, reminding everyone of their prescense….and the nations will give their reply.

He shifts his attention to the Northeast. "Boys will be Boys" he said with a chuckle.

He knew what this band of warriors are capable of doing and was quite surprised that they came so far. From the sea's of Doom they travelled and anchored themselves in the Land of Men. This band of people really know's how to live by their name "bHadBoys". They have struggled againts others for the Dominion on the city of Man. Now they look at their boundaries and knew, that soon they will lift their arms once more to ride….or die…
The world know's and is forever awed by their warcries, While they stand glorius in the City of Men. Humanity's Pride of Warriors.

Looking at the City of Men from a village near its boundaries. The White Tiger Bared his fangs and shouts a mighty and defeaning roar. They had faced those boys a few days ago and knew that they will be coming back again. His comrades gather up their arms and prepare for the next siege. Their Nation once hold lands far greater than the one they have now, Hunted down by a nation which is very well known in the past as "Trinity" which now holds a new banner "Celestial". They went in hiding only to recover and take back, perhaps those that once belonged to them and more. Until that time comes, they must stand their ground and be forever vigilant for their foes knew no rest.

Surprisingly they have a neighbor, which perhaps share their same goals and beliefs. The once proud ruler of the City of Men "Quha" was stripped off by his foes and was forced to go the last bastion of Men, Deep in the protection of the Green Wave Woods. He looks at Sword with such longing, remembering the days on which he strived hard just to build it and nourish it. Faced with probably the most fiercest of Monsters that ever lived at that time. He moulded the City of Men and knew glory for which everyone knew to be Legendary. Now he waits for the tide to turn, and reclaim what was rightfully his. The throne and the City of Men.

Sighing once more Pangu looks at the South Western Part of the Map.

In the Hot Desert on which Death is the only thing that is certain, Lives the nation of "Invictus". After countless Month's of warfare they finally established and guarded the Desert with such ferocity that their foes now lies beneath the ever changing sand. Will they be satisfied with what they have? or do they have other plans? Will they lie buried at the very sand that they protect? only time and the sand holds their future.

A little to the North lies the nation of "Carnage" a Nation that has once fallen near the City of Men. They fought with the "boys" lost and fled to the land near the City of the Beasts, on which they proved to be as cunning and savage like the land itself. They now eye the City with such longing that they knew that sooner or later Shields will beak, Swords will Shatter and blood will spill in this savage land. But they knew it wont be easy, guarding this City are the Keepers of the Light. Sentinels of time imemorial, will they bring them down? or will they be slain? the stillness in the air masks the shockwaves from within the ground. The drums of war echoes throughout the realm.

He now looks at the Middle part of his Land, where the Keeper's of the Light Rule.

For Years they held and protected their lands. They knew that now and far in the future their actions will either cause them their success or their downfall. They Rule the City of Beasts, and the Majestic Castle of the Wingkind. They kept their cities safe and nourished. Some call them tyrants, some call them foes, some friends and some doesn't have anything to say and just keeps what they know to themselves. Their Empress Looks at the north and grits her teeth, for war will certainly arrive not only on the north, but to the east, the west and the southern parts of her realm. The time has come, and once more he calls upon the Light to give her strength. Her Oathed Companions, Chambers and Keeper's stands firmly at her side. Ready to Defend and Wage war to those that threatens her lands. Time is on their side and will probably help them in their campaigns. She knows that her leadership will be put to the test once again. Deep inside she wished, for the Light not to fade.

A little to the East lies the Flower. The Nation of "Lotus", formerly known as the rulers and guardians of the North. The Celestials caught them by surprise, they fought and when they thought all was lost they were carried by the wind. Near the Keeper's of the Light she placed her tired roots. Her leaves where very badly damaged. Her flower all covered with blood. During the Storm she sinks to the bottom of the Land hoping that dawn will come soon, on which she will stand and once again open her Flower and rise above all. Pangu touches the small flower with sad eyes, He is powerless even if he is the God of this world, creator of all. Binded by the Law's he set upon himself not to interfere. All he can do is watch…

His gaze looked upon the Mountain of Dreams, a place where fantasy and magic lies abundant. Within its misty haze lies the nation of "Salawayun". They are the new rulers of this realm, which they had taken from the Magi Mocker. They lie deep in the mist, prepared to die for the sake of what they hold dear. They once lived at the peacefull village near the sea. On which they fish for a living. Rebels came swiftly and without warning, killing many of them and almost diminished all their hope. Now they lie wait, for they knew the meaning of war….but they also have a trick or two to teach.

He now looks at the South Eastern part of the land, where the Sacred Bird lies asleep.

This nation remains silent, quite peaceful like their God in sleep. Here the city of Dreamport towers above all, overlooking the south like the very Being that keeps it. This might be the reason why newly formed Nations like to take some of the lands that they keep, They probably think they would not be hurt by this gentle beast. However the winds are changing like the seasons. The great bird has once again opened its eyes and rallied her children. Pangu raised a brow, Will this bird fly once again to the heaven's? The Bird gave a mighty scream and turned into ashes.
The God knew that a new time has began, He blew some of the ashes, and from the pile and there stood a small bird. Making small cries, she call's upon those who would care for her. They came willing and ready, for they know they must guard her till the day she regained her former and righteous glory, The God of the South.

The old Age has fallen, a new one will begin.

Pangu dared to speak, and the wind carried his message. Not to everyone, but to those who would hear it.
"War doesn't prove who's right or wrong, it only shows who's left"

And with that he sat on his throne, and watched silently. Living Men, Beastkin and Fairykind to their Fate.

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