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Note: Italicized Effect means it doesn't show on screen.


Img Name Effect
1.png Mana Burn Continuously lose MP
2.png Bleed Continuously suffer physical damage
3.png Shock Continuously suffer metal damage
4.png Poison Continuously suffer wood damage
5.png Lasting ice damage Continuous water damage
6.png Burn Continuously suffer fire damage
7.png Quick Sand Continuously suffer earth damage
8.png Claws of Heaven Continuously suffer metal damage,
and reduced move
9.png Seal Unable to attack or use skills
10.png Stop Unable to move
11.png Paralyze Can't move, attack or use skills
12.png Sleep Can't move, attack or use skills.
Remain sleep until attacked
13.png Curse Increase damage suffered
14.png Injure Increase damage suffered
15.png Weaken Stop HP and MP recovery
16.png Ravage Lose vigor with each attack suffered
17.png Reduced Max HP Maximum HP Decreased
18.png Dull Slower casting time
19.png Sloth Reduced ASPD
20.png Slow Reduced Movement
21.png Blunt Reduced Atk
22.png Dispel Spirit Reduced MAtk
23.png Blind Reduced Hit
24.png Fumble Reduced Eva
25.png Shatter Reduced Def
26.png Weaken Reduced MDef
27.png Reduced Metal Def Metal magic defense decreased
28.png Reduced Wood Def Wood magic defense decreased
29.png Reduced Water Def Water magic defense decreased
30.png Reduced Fire Def Fire magic defense decreased
31.png Reduced Earth Def Earth magic defense decreased


Img Name Effect
32.png Reflect Reflect all melee damage
33.png Barrier of thorns Reduce damage suffered,
and reflect physical damage
34.png Armor of Fire Enhanced Fire Def and improve HP recovery
35.png Armor of Ice Enhanced Water Def and improve MP recovery
36.png Armor of Earth Enhanced Earth Def and physical defense
37.png Barrier of Feathers Absorbs damage at the cost of MP
71.png Wing Barrier Absorbs damage gaining MP
38.png Improved HP Recovery HP recovery rate increased
39.png Improved MP Recovery MP recovery rate increased
40.png Increased Max HP Maximum HP increased
78.png Increased Max MP Maximum MP increased
41.png Iron Armor Enhanced Def
66.png Iron Armor Enhanced Def
42.png Wards of Spirits Increased Mdef
47.png Presence Increased Cast Time
43.png Bladed Fist Increased Atk
43.png Divine Strength Enhanced Atk
69.png Soul Assisting Increase magic attack power
47.png Heart Sutra Ignore Cast Time
44.png Agility Enhanced ASPD
70.png Increased All-through
45.png Aim Increased Hit
46.png Alert Increased Eva
48.png Fortune Reduce damage suffered.
49.png Attack deals additional wood damage Adds wood damage in attacks
50.png Attack deals additional water damage Adds water damage in attacks
51.png Attack deals additional Fire damage Adds fire damage in attacks
52.png Continuously recover HP Continuous HP regeneration
53.png Continuously recover MP Continuous MP regeneration
54.png Enhanced ASPD Increases attack speed
55.png Spirit Increased Matk
56.png Chi Burst Surge of energy that empowers the body
57.png Enhanced Metal Def Increases metal defense
58.png Enhanced Wood Def Increases wood defense
59.png Enhanced Water Def Increases water defense
60.png Enhanced Fire Def Increases fire defense
61.png Enhanced Earth Def Increases earth defense
62.png Inner Sutra Reduced Def, enhanced Mdef
63.png Outer Sutra Reduced Mdef, increased Def
64.png Roar of the tiger Increased HP, attack decreased
65.png Bestial Fury Gain vigor when attacked
67.png Aura of Steel Enhanced Def
68.png Burning Blood Reduced Max HP increased hit rate
72.png Blazing Arrow Attack deals additional fire damage
73.png Call of the fox Enhanced physical defense and hit rate,
at the cost of reducing Max MP
74.png Ignore all motion-disabling status ignores movement debuff
75.png Raiment of Flowers Increased movement
76.png Invincible Immune to any damage
77.png Increase mount movement
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