Special Bosses



Field bosses are those square-named bosses we see around Perfect World. They have 23,977,103 hp and they can damage A LOT. In the end if you get to kill one of them, the rewards can be very fruitful.

Monster Location

Monster Location
xxxhuraisoruzya.jpg 437.752
xxxpurofaundo.jpg 287.966
xxxgekikuraga.jpg 657.519
xxxhutamitama.jpg 658.433
xxx-rekuiemu.jpg 161.975
xxxneiromu.jpg 553.435
xxxtakuminotamasii.jpg 438.473
xxxdakukuraudo.jpg 312.957 ~ 322.954
xxxkenmahudou.jpg 471.561
33646488.jpg 653.390
41270541.jpg 152.342
46583580.jpg 161.426
60208702.jpg 173.786
46212674.jpg 236.862
xxxmukadeboss.jpg 645.866
xxxrasenjiku.jpg 252.752


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white.jpg yellow.jpg red.jpg black.jpg green.jpg
Immortal Stone immortal.jpg
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