Source Stones
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  • Break-down of items whether armors, weapons or ornaments creates source stones.
  • These source stones can be used to fuel the flight energy or to create hierograms from the pharmacist.
  • The number of source stones depends on the number of stars and the durability of the item you're breaking down.
  • Breaking down 3 star items can give Immortal stone/s.
  • You can only only break down weapons from the Ironsmith, clothing from the Tailor and ornaments from the Craftsman.
  • Upgrading of source stones can be done via the Alchemist.
  • The higher the durability of the item, the more source stones you can get in breaking the equipment down.


Image Name Flight Energy
Where to get
1.jpg One Source Stone 0.5 sec Lv 2-3 Equipment
2.jpg Two Ritual Stone 1 sec Lv 4 Equipment
3.jpg Three Talent Stone 1.5 sec Lv 5 Equipment
4.jpg Four Direction Stone 2 sec Lv 6 Equipment
5.jpg Five Element Stone 2.5 sec Lv 7 Equipment
6.jpg Six Union Stone 3 sec Lv 8 Equipment
7.jpg Seven Star Stone 3.5 sec Lv 9 Equipment
8.jpg Eight Diagram Stone 4 sec Lv 10 Equipment
9.jpg Nine Palace Stone 4.5 sec Lv 11 Equipment
10.jpg Perfect Stone 5 sec Lv 12 Equipment
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