Serpent January10

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Territorial War Schedule

Territory Defender Invader Min Bid Battle Time End Owner
Aroma Hill Dea†hrow™
Beast City Doomsday
Black Mountain Valiant Eternal 500,000 Jan 9, 8:06 pm
Burial Ground 8kM
Carefree Path Valiant
Desert Sea Sentinels 8kM 20,000,000 Jan 9, 8:15 pm
Desolate Mt. Doomsday
Doom City Valiant
Dragon City Valiant Doomsday 2,000,000 Jan 9, 8:00 pm
Dragon Land 8kM
Dragon Slope Doomsday Va liant 700,000 Jan 8:15 pm
Dream Mountain Valiant
Dream Port Valiant
Feather City Doomsday Valiant 1,000,000 Jan 10, 8:06 pm
Fire Village 8kM
Foggy Jungle Valiant
Frostbite Land •Finest• sentinels 1,100,000 Jan 8, 8:18 pm
Great Wall Doomsday
Green Wave COUNCIL™ Finest 5,000,000 Jan 9, 8:12 pm
Hades Land Doomsday
High-Wind Valiant
Icebound Land Doomsday
King-Yu Tripod Valiant
Lantern Mt. Valiant All Stars 1,000,000 Jan 8, 8:00 pm
Lil Prairie Doomsday yeBenGs! 500,000 Jan 8, 8:09 pm
Nanping Hill Doomsday
Orchid Valley Valiant Rashoumon 500,000 Jan 9, 8:03 pm
Peach Blossom Dea†hrow™
Silk Mountain Doomsday Ragnarok™ 500,000 Jan 8, 8:12 pm
Sky Cliff Valiant
Sky Lake Doomsday BossAngeL 900,000 Jan 10, 8:00 pm
Snowslide Doomsday
Soulless Swamp Valiant
Square Village COUNCIL™ SetSuna 3,800,000 Jan 9, 8:09 pm
Sunset Plateau 8kM
Swan Mountain Doomsday yeBenGS! 1,000,000 Jan 10, 8:03 pm
Sword City Valiant
Trade-wind Town Valiant Zodiac 500,000 Jan 8, 8:03 pm
Universal City Doomsday
Victory Prairie Valiant
Water-side Vill. Valiant WHO 500,000 Jan 8, 8:06 pm
Weak Water Doomsday
White Mountain Valiant
Wood Mountain Valiant
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