Serpent Clans

Not a complete listing of clans

Please do not hesitate to msg me if you want your clan to be added

Logo Clan Name Website Additional Information
blank.PNG 8km Forum 2nd home of Tiger Clan Exiled
archangels.PNG ÂrçhåñgëlŽ® Main Site -
blank.PNG Atlantis - -
blank.PNG Avernus - -
blank.PNG Dei Main Site Forum
deviant2.jpg Deviant - Clan Deviant is essentially a merger of four established clans namely: Legions, Glory, Genesis, Dragoons. The goal of this clan is to organize players to enjoy this game as much as possible and to share this experience with others. " Embrace The Triumph "
blank.PNG Doomsday - -
blank.PNG Dynas†y™ - We are the Dynas†y™, We signify allegiance and friendship. Before we rule differently, but destined to be one… We work together as one sharing and listening to everyones opinion… We are the brotherhood and sisterhood of unity… Dynas†y™ Sovereignty, Lordship, Dominion
blank.PNG Knights - -
blank.PNG Legends - -
blank.PNG Mar†ians Main Site -
blank.PNG Outer|Heaven Forum
Main Site
History of the organization goes way back in Flyff. We established are own form of council usining the Water Margin. We welcome casual and serious gamers alike. The guild stands for equality and bonds.
blank.PNG Praetoria - -
blank.PNG Quad Main Site
blank.PNG Remedy - -
blank.PNG Respect - -
sentinels.png Sentinels Forum
To conquer a territory is Grand but to endure in the perfect land and fight on is Divine!
blank.PNG Serenity - -
blank.PNG VamPirisM Clan Image We are the VamPirisM clan, and you can join us to conquer the land of perfect world with unity, love and friendship. Shalom!
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