Aug 22, 08 - had arfael's birthday event, posted sched of tw
Aug 18, 08 - posted winner of ssotw and new theme
Aug 17, 08 - posted Perfect World Tribune Vol 11
Aug 15, 08 - posted tw skeds
Aug 11, 08 - posted winner of ssotw and new theme
Aug 8, 08 - edited spectral manteau, posted tw sched
Aug 7, 08 - updated TW results
Aug 6, 08 - posted Perfect World Tribune Vol 10
Aug 5, 08 - edited names of materials needed of new skills
Aug 4, 08 - added rank 6 equipment of YJ thanks to msMatch, edited flight and mount, made corrections on dusk-materials, announced winner and new theme of the screenshot contest
Aug 1, 08 - updated TW scheds
July 30, 08 - changed Skill simulator link (Super thanks to feudartifice who created the original skill simulator and created this ph version as well)
July 29, 08 - Happy 10th monthsary honey.
July 28, 08 - edited YJ rank 7, edited dusk mystics image, announced winner of ssotw and new theme, changed Skill simulator link, announced new event.
July 27, 08 - updated Level 86 and 87 general quest, edited lone warrior, added seven breve quests, added hero quests, updated Perfect World Online Volume 9, check out our comics
July 26, 08 - updated Dragon clans and added rank 7 equips of Yao Jing (thanks to msMatch)
July 24, 08 - posted final tw scores and of course LU's scoring is different from mine (sarcasm included), posted tw results
July 21, 08 - announced winner of ssotw and new theme
July 18, 08 - updated TW scheds, made changes in the rules of the incoming contest
July 16, 08 - updated tw scores and results of TW
July 15, 08 - Corrected Power of the Commander in Other Holy Equipment, thanks to nosemaj, corrected future skills of YL
July 14, 08 - updated SSoTW new theme and winner, comics, added ecatomb's skill simulator, updated New Skills descriptions
July 13, 08 - updated Perfect World Online Volume 8
July 11, 08 - updated TW scheds, corrected the chart of the dusk mystics
July 8, 08 - updated tw scores and results of TW
July 7, 08 - updated SSoTW new theme and winner
July 6, 08 - updated Perfect World Online Volume 7
July 5, 08 - updated materials of frost weapons, frost armors and frost accessory, just like in dusk equipment you will need to click the names of the items, posted the new event, added clans to servers: tiger clans, dragon clans and serpent clans
July 4, 08 - updated TW scheds
July 3, 08 - updated story of the dragon, edited rank equipment for rank 6 YS
July 1, 08 - updated tw scores and tw results
June 30, 08 - posted winner and new theme of screenshot contest
June 29, 08 - updated future-patch New Skills info, posted Perfect World Tribune 6
June 27, 08 - edited rank equipment for rank 7 WX and YS, updated Tw sched
June 25, 08 - posted frost equipment, frost guide and frost city story
June 24, 08 - updated System (included padlock), mounts to include the prices, marriage system to reflect in game, edited dragon balls, future patch (check out the last entries)
June 23, 08 - updated SSoTW winner and theme, updated TW results and tw scores, added Ray's image in main site, posted Perfect World Tribune 5
June 20, 08 - updated TW sched
June 19, 08 - updated story of the dragon
June 18, 08 - updated rank equipment for rank 6 and rank 7.
June 17, 08 - updated story of the dragon
June 16, 08 - updated TW results, posted SSoTW winner and new theme, added dragon-ball calculator back (ty to Khaballe for noticing that it's missing).
June 15, 08 - posted Perfect World Tribune 4
June 13, 08 - updated TW sched
June 10, 08 - updated TW results and scores
June 9, 08 - posted SSoTW winner and new theme
June 8, 08 - updated Perfect World Tribune 3
June 6, 08 - updated TW scheds
June 4, 08 - updated story of the dragon
June 2, 08 - completed materials for holy equipment light armors, holy equipment magical armors and holy equipment accessories. Updated TW results, SSoTW winner and new theme, tw scores also posted.
June 1, 08 - edited number of dyes in butterfly skirt, thanks sinagtala, posted Perfect World Tribune Volume 2
May 31, 08 - updated materials for holy equipment heavy arm0rs
May 30, 08 - updated tw scheds for Dragon, Tiger and Serpent, also updated side navigation.
May 29, 08 - break muna sa updates.. Our 8th monthsary
May 28, 08 - updated last week's and this week's story of the dragon
May 27, 08 - updated materials needed for holy weapons, edited horse race to include Pegasus Wings, added quicklinks to dusk-equipment and holy-equipment for easier navigation (ty Ray), uploaded all images for holy equipment
May 26, 08 - posted details of all holy equipment, accessories and armors; images not yet complete, updated tw score and tw results, posted winner of ssotw and updated new theme, changed the landing page, added site feedback
May 25, 08 - posted holy heavy equipment and holy light equipment
May 24, 08 - posted Molds and where to find them, added some rank equipment for WX rank 8, added other holy equipment, posted main
May 23, 08 - added received entries in screenshot contest, added holy-bows and holy-mystics weapons, tw scheds
May 20, 08 - added til level 85 gen quest guide
May 19, 08 - updated TW and scores, cultivation, posted winner and new theme of SSoTW, posted weapons created by molds: swords, spears, axes and fists
May 18, 08 - updated story of the dragon, completed editing of dusk charts
May 17, 08 - added some future new pets and story of perfect world, made some changes in side bar navigation, edited some dusk charts, added dusk equipment and holy equipment info.
May 16, 08 - Updated TW sched, edited and updated cultivation quest guide (ty Ray)
May 14, 08 - Updated number of dyes needed for fashion items, edited character's status (ty to JuVenile™), added how to increase fame
May 13, 08 - Posted serpent clans, edited names for dyes
May 12, 08 - edited real names for flight, mount and consumables, updated TW and TW scores, updated SSoTW winner and theme
May 11, 08 - updated item mall, added search box in most pages.
May 10, 08 - posted new event amazing race
May 9, 08 - uploaded dusk bows chart, updated TW schedules, edited flight (ty Sefiria)
May 8, 08 - completed the hall of dusk and frost city histories, updated dusk-palace-bosses info, edited dragon clans and tiger clans, updated blog (regularly)
May 7, 08 - Corrected dye package price in dye guide and item mall (ty John), added dusk-palace-bosseses, corrected upgrading (ty to †Roledo†)
May 6, 08 - Posted tw scores (tw cranie for the correction), added some info regarding some future patches, updated seven sages, edited dusk guide's TMP requirements (ty Mogi)
May 5, 08 - Held our 1st ever major event. :D We're hoping everyone had a good time. Posted the winner.
May 4, 08 - Posted winner of SSoTW and new theme, updated TW records
May 3, 08 - Corrected dusk-materials, edited some clans, posted my blog
May 2, 08 - Updated TW, corrected dusk stuffs, edited scores of TW, posted dragon clans and tiger clans. (serpent will follow soon)
May 1, 08 - Corrected range of stamp of eternal solitude - ty to cranie, corrected materials needed in equipment - thanks to cape, added clan listing petition
Apr 30, 08 - Completed dusk drops, completed attribute bonuses on dusk weapons, updated colors in TW results, uploaded dusk swords flowchart.
Apr 29, 08 - Edited seven sages mystic weapon name, added info in dusk drops and edited how it looks
Apr 28, 08 - Updated TW and scores, Posted winner of SSoTW and new theme
Apr 27, 08 - Updated dusk drops (c/o Ray), compiled all tw scores, completed Materials needed for Dusk Armors
Apr 26, 08 - Added materials in dusk drops (c/o Ray), completed Materials needed for Dusk Weapons and Dusk Accessories
Apr 25, 08 - Updated TW, updated some dusk equipment to show materials needed. Updating the scores. As per GM Chagatai, "It was agreed by the PW Team that there will be no subtraction for territory lost on the 1st week of TW Scoring".
Apr 24, 08 - updated coords of auctioneer in ingot trading, added level 10 for donate for fame, posted Fashion and Dyes Guide - please inform us of any error you might encounter. thanks.
Apr 23, 08 - edited dusk guide thanks to Ray.
Apr 22, 08 - edited villa brooch quest volume names - thanks to Ray and Ruel, added unofficial tally of TW scores in their respective server records, updated dsq 91 boss.
Apr 21, 08 - Posted 3rd winner of SSoTW and new theme, update TW, edited dusk armors - thanks to parakepe, edited quests - thanks to lowboot
Apr 20, 08 - Completed missing rank 8 equip for Yao Shou - Thanks immortal ZhuanXu!
Apr 19, 08 - New contest announced, added images in dusk equips
Apr 18, 08 - Updated TW, added rank 6 item of YL, edited Dusk guide and dusk equips, added upgrading guide, edited item mall
Apr 17, 08 - Added Hall of Dusk equipment and accessories (rough translation from japanese wiki) and guide on how to enter the Dusk Palace, Added Rank equipment 8 weapon of YS.
Apr 16, 08 - Updated news, Added Dragon balls information and calculator under stones and interactive tools, marriage system - not yet implemeted in this new patch, Hall of dusk weapons - rough translation from japanese wiki. If you find some errors, please dont hesitate to pm us.
Apr 14, 08 - Updated TW, posted 3rd winner of SSoTW and new theme, edited some pages for right bar.
Apr 11, 08 - Updated TW, updated news.
Apr 07, 08 - Posted 2nd winner of SSoTW, New theme posted, edited wines for caves - correction by Mogi (thanks), updated tw
Apr 04, 08 - Updated TW and added Serpent server records, news posted
Mar 31, 08 - Updated TW, Posted 1st winner of SSoTW, New theme posted
Mar 29, 08 - Added Soulstone Calculator, corrected Gen quest level 40-49. Thanks to Paramor3 for noticing.
Mar 28, 08 - Updated TW
Mar 24, 08 - Updated TW, added rank 7 ring, edited character status, added my entry in the love won category
Mar 21, 08 - Updated TW sched, started screenshot contest, added fanfic - story of the dragon.
Mar 18, 08 - Updated TW and news, added reward in dark beast city event, added level 70-79 gen quest and hierograms, added some info in consumables.
Mar 15, 08 - Added Medicines

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