Screenshot Contest

Received Entries


Those whose names do not appear on this list, please make sure you followed the correct format. Entries should include your:

In Game Name
Image link

The image should represent the theme and nothing else.

Check out last week's entries posted in the archives

Deadline for this theme: December 14, 2008
See timer above

Theme of the week: All I need is you


1. Everyone from PW-ph servers (Dragon,Tiger and Serpent) is entitled to submit an entry.
2. Maximum file size for entries is 500kb.
3. Entries must be in the uploaded in any file hosting services (ex: imageshack, photobucket, etc) in the following file formats: JPEG, GIF and PNG.
4. Entries should be submitted to me using the form below (it will automatically send the email to me) with the following subject, <Theme of the week>.
5. Include your in game name (IGN), the image link and your server [DONT INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME AND/OR PASSWORD] so we can contact you in game.
6. Only one entry per IGN, multiple entries will disqualify the person.
7. The 'Theme of the week' will be announced every Monday evening.
8. Deadline for submission of entries is every Sunday evening (11:59 pm).
9. The winner will be announced on or before Monday 9 pm.
10. The winner will receive the prize via in game mail.

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