How to Activate

  • You must be at least Level 60 to be able to take this quest.
  • You will need a Reward/Punishment Token of the appropriate level to trigger this quest. Buy the appropriate Reward/Punishment Token from the NPC depending on your level range. A yellow shield will appear above the head of the Envoy showing you have a quest with him.
  • The Reward-Punishment Envoy can be found in:
    • Dragon City
    • Arcadia Town
    • Dream Port
    • Universal City
    • Hu Village
    • Fire Village
  • First, talk to the envoy and he will assign you to hunt a number of monsters and you get to choose what monster you will be assigned to.
  • Then, deliver the brocade box to the designated NPC.
  • Kill the monsters of course.
  • Finally, you must wait 1 hour from the time you began the quest and return to talk to the Reward-Punishment Envoy to complete the quest.
  • Note: Once you reached level 80, a different Reward-Punishment NPC will be activated. There are 2 NPCs in Dragon City and one is active only from 60-79, the other starts at 80.


EXP: Increases depending on your level
Soul: Increases depending on your level
Fame: 1
Items: None


60-64 70-74 80-84
Ghost Soldier Headless Chief Butterfly Spirit
Mad Nether Wolf Risen Evil Rat Elite Nether Wolf
Nether Ox Orchid Specter Elite Evil Lion
Prison Leader Risen Evil Wolf Guard of Magic Rocks
Earth Lurker Risen Evil Snake Guard of Magic Ore
65-69 75-79 85-89
Brute Ghost Chief Risen Evil Lion Magma Warrior
Venom Ghost Chief Risen Sky Evil Tiger Headless General
Aqua Ghost Chief Fluffy Bunny Draco Cavalry
Flame Ghost Chief Pirate Mercenary Pestilence Mouse
Headless Cavalry Hellcrow Wizard Stone Sentry
90-94 95-Immortal 95-Demon
Rock Golem Metal Fang Demon Hell Enforcer
Glacier Imp White Fox Vanguard Hell Beast
Ice Ogre Soldier Seven Emotions High Demons
Vile Armored Rat Armored Phalanx Demon Herald
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