There lies a world beyond our own. A world that is full of creatures of all walks of life. Gnomes, goblins, angels and humans co-existing under one world, the Perfect World. There are three major faction on this world, namely Wingkins, Beastkins and Humans. This world is enveloped between heaven of the Wingkins and Hell of the Beastkins. Hell, trying to subdue the world, and heaven, being its tireless protector. It's been that for hundreds of years, But then, the destiny of 2 different beings will change the land forever..

In the center of this world lies the kings castle. Walls made of silversteel, with a lake of lava burning around the castle's base. Such horror could be felt upon seing this structure. Inside, some voices could be heard.
"Summon Rafiel!!", his voice was heard through out the land, if it can be considered a land.

Master K'zalar is the 56th Beast ruler of the underworld. The underworld is the place of pure evil. Demons, Beasts, monsters and all terrible creatures that can ever be imagined exists in this world. Unlike the common myth that the underworld is nothing but chaos, this place is a lot civilised than one could ever imagine. They serve a king/God and are highly trained warriors rather than savages.

"Where is he?" ask the king.

"Here I am!", a hollow voice heard from nearby. From the shadows emerges Rafiel, a warrior of great fame. No doubt that he's well known in the underworld. He has beatean all but the king of the place. He is considered as one of the finest warriors of the underworld.

"There you are, I have a task for you" said the king, slowly walking to the warrior.

"Anything for you my king", Rafiel replied, kneeling down upon the kings presence.

The king stood silent for a while. It was a bit obvious that he's confused. Walking back and forth, like he was trying to make a decision.

"Do you have pure loyalty to my kingdom?" the king inquired, "Are you willing to die for my sake?" he continued.

Without any doubt, Rafiel answered "I'm forever a servant of my Lord!" Beating his chest thrice whil chanting those word.

"Very well, I need you to listen carefully", the king paused for a while and sat on his throne. "I have been secretly sending some of my finest warriors to the world, and I plan to get back the things that belongs to us" the king added.

Truly enough, the beastkin has been in the underworld for ages. They've been the conquerors of the world when all races were allowed to co-exist. Ravaging through out the world, they've destroyed everything in their path. This rampage has caused so much death that only 2 other races were lucky enough to survive: the humans and the Wingkins. This tyranny lasted for years until a united force of Humans and Wingkins successfully defeated thw Beastkins. The Gods, upon seeing this chaos, separated the remaining races and placed them on where they won't be conflicting with each other. Humans were allowed to stay to this world. Wingkins, being the saviours, were given a place called heaven. A place where it overlooks the world, like a lighthouse guiding a ship to it's safety. Beastkins were sent to the flames of hell as a punisment for their notorious deeds.

"How is that possible?" asked Rafiel, "No one has ever left this place since the Gods punished our clan.

"When there's a will, there's a way, my child" the king replied. "We have discovered that simple time bending is the key back to the world.

"How's that…" Rafiel was about to ask.

"No questions," the king interrupted. "All I need you to do is to prepare road back to the world, it's as simple as that. Are you accepting my task?"

Rafiel arrogantly said yes.

"Very well, prepare yourself. You'll be leaving as soon as possible.

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