by Horonaim

I will be sharing some very basic information on quests. How to find out which NPCs have available quests, which NPCs to talk to to finish or continue a quest, as well as some general tips on how to go about making sure you don’t backtrack on your quests.

Some of what I will be writing here will already be familiar to you. For others, however, this might be new. So without further ado, here we go.

  • NPC colors on the mini-map. Normal NPCs on the mini-map appear as gold dots. Those with available quests appear as orange dots. Those you have to talk to to finish or continue a quest will appear as purple dots. You can hover the cursor over a dot in the mini-map to see the name of the NPC, quite useful since some quests can be repeated and it will be easy to determine if the NPC on the mini-map is one of those repeatable quests.
  • Icons atop NPCs. Icons floating atop the heads of the NPCs with quests come in 2 shapes and in 3 colors: banner or shield and gold, silver, or orange.
          • Shields atop NPCs correspond to orange dots on the mini-map.
                  • gold.gif Gold shields means it’s available to you.
                  • silver.gif Silver shields means that they are quests that require a prerequisite that you have not met; either enlightenment, level, or military rank.
                  • orange.gif Orange shields are NPCs that you talk to to begin cultivation/enlightenment quests.
        • Banners appear as either gold like normal NPCs or purple in the mini-map depending on what color of the banner.
          • sb.gif Silver banners appear as gold dots on the mini-map. These are NPCs with whom you have unfinished quests.
          • gb.gif Gold banners appear as purple dots on the mini-map. They’re the NPCs you talk to to finish or continue quests.
          • ob.gif Orange banners appear as purple dots on the mini-map and are the NPCs you talk to to finish or continue cultivation/enlightenment quests.

There are some quests given by different NPCs that instruct you to hunt the same monster or talk to the same NPC. How do you make sure that you get them together so that you don’t waste time going back and forth hunting the same monster or talking to the same NPC? That’s the tricky part.

Unless you’ve already played the game or have a list of quests handy then chances are you will repeat some monster quests. My suggestion to those who are new to the game or do not have an intensive quest list is to go around the town or city and talk to all the NPCs with available quests. The easiest to plan around are the city guard quests since the names of the monsters that you need to hunt for that area is listed down and all you need to do is match up any quests that you have to that list. Some quests appear at an NPC only after you have finished a previous quest with that NPC so if you’re new at this, some guesswork may be in order.

One very important note: You can only have 20 active quests at a time. Twenty quests may seem a lot, but once you hit level 20 it will seem such a limited number. To put it into perspective, the game has several thousand quests that your character, no matter what the race or class, can participate in.

Streamlining your quests is a learning experience. Even when properly streamlined, quests might take longer than expected especially if the quest requires finding quest items. So no matter how well-planned your quest progression is, luck sometimes plays a hand. Also, no matter how streamlined your quest progression is, expect that you will have some quests that are 2 or 3 levels lower than your own level.

Credits: Perfect World Sneak Peek

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