Unorthodox Fist (Another view)

Unorthodox Fist (Another view)

Some how, Yu Mang can be deceiving and unpredictable in battle, specially these type of builds, they can be both deadly from afar and at close range. Most people tend to overlook at Yu Mang's capabilities in close range. Instead of using bow and arrow, these Yu Mang's will use Fist/Bladed Fist as their secondary weapons.


> No Mastery

> Limited Skills (Feather skills/Assist Skills/Chi Burst Only)

> Low Hit Points

> Low Defense


> High Dodge Rate (will compensate for low HP and DEF)

> Fast Attack Speed (will compensate for low Attack)

> Can switch from range to melee (Versatile is the Key)

> Saves Mana Potions (economy)

> High Critical Rate can go up to 20% (can boost damage over time)

> Feather Barrier and Soaring Eagle for additional Def/Immunity and Movement Speed (skill that can save you)

Heaven YM

Celestial Burst: Additional defense from damage 25% (can save you from hard hitters)

Immortal Force: This will help you gain chi in no time, can abuse the use of Chi.

Hell YM

Demon Burst: Additional ASPD can defeat your opponent in an Instant

Strife: You can use this to remove some of your opponents' Chi and prevent them from casting some skills.

Weapons of Choice

Mold Fist/Bladed Fist: Mold Fist is better than 3 star items and Dusk Fist, because of the lower stat requirement and it looks cool too.

> Jade Claw of Dragonfly is the Best for Mold Fist.

Dusk Fist/Bladed Fist: Dusk Fist have a bit higher stat requirement

> Select from the 3 Fists available in Dusk Weaponry they all have great stats.

Armor and Accessories

> Use Heavy Armors for WX and YS, Use Light for FS/YL/YJ and YM.

Headgear: HP/Def/Eva/PDR% Stats
Armor: YM Ranked Armors -.05 -.10 ASPD
Leggings: HP/Def/Eva/PDR% Stats
Boots: HP/Def/Eva/PDR% Stats
Armlets: Armlets with -.05 -.10 ASPD (Bloody Moon Wristlet/Armlet of Ancient Snake/Asura Light Armlet and/or Asura Set for additional -.05 ASPD)
Rings: Attack Rings with Critical and/or Hit Ratings (Hit/Crit is a Must, every attack counts)
Accessories: Depends on your Build (Eva/Def/HP Type of YM, but I prefer JHD or Power Necklace hp5%)
Robe: 3* with HP/Eva that is closest to your Level or Mold with HP/Def Stats


Strength: Let’s keep it to a minimum and based it to the min requirement unless you want to invest a bit more.

Dexterity: 300 or Higher Divisible by 20 for Critical Bonus

Intelligence: Don’t bother investing here, unless you are wear Mystics

Constitution: Invest something here, so that you can withstand hard blows

Key Strategies

Key Skills in Duels

> Chi/Hi-Chi and Celestial Chi: Fast ASPD means Fast Chi Regeneration so save up for celestial burst for maximum outputs.

> Immortal Force: 50 chi in an instant.

> Feather Barrier: Blocks 810 Damage for 20s this will make you a bit tougher

> Soaring Eagle: This will save you from WX’s Stun lock and some hard Hitter Opponents.

Hit and Crit are your best friends, even though Yumangs have very high Hit rate, they still have a chance of missing their target, so let's not waste one attack, balance your Hit and Crit rate, you will see the difference in every attack you make.

Contributor: HuinizEli of Dragon Server

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