Rags to Riches: Ironsmith Academy and Tailor University

Rags to Riches: Ironsmith Academy and Tailor University

Hi, welcome to the third part of Rags to Riches article.

Ever wonder why some players stand beside the NPC iron smith/tailor all day? Ever think why you suffer grinding everyday, but these players managed to level up, to the point that they are higher than you? Welcome to the unique way of grinding in game: Craft leveling.

Wait wait, we are talking about getting rich, not leveling right? Hold on dude, craft leveling is also a way of getting rich in perfect world.

This craft leveling should be started at level 90. You should be informed of how ingot trading in the auctioneer works. If no, then check out our guides for that.
First top up and get some gold. Yes, I know you need to spend first, we'll just consider this one as our capital. Back to the topic. Top up at least 10,000 gold (500 pesos) and we can start. Your crafting should be at level 6, that's the minimum required level to craft PG (Precision Gold). Ok, buy some Damascus Steel (100 gold, 30 pcs), Universal Adhesive (100 gold, 60 pcs) and High-Grade Reinforced Leather (100 gold, 60 pcs). You'll need two of each to craft one PG. Ok, with 10k Gold, you'll be crafting 750 pcs of Precision Gold. Each PG can be sold to any NPC for exactly 16,730 yuan. Sell all PG and you'll get 12,547,500 yuan (yes, 12 million). With 12 million yuan, go to the Auctioneer NPC. Go to the Ingot Trading section and click buy gold. Buy 10k gold for 1,200 yuan each. Wait for it until all your yuan are converted to gold. Then rinse and repeat. Whala! unlimited income.

Buying gold at 1200 each will cost you 12,240,000 yuan, tax included. Remember that we earned 12,547,500 when we sold all our PG. So, 12,240,000 - 12,547,500 = 307,500 yuan. In every cycle, you earn 300k yuan. As long as you do the same process over and over again, it's not surprising to earn millions a week. Imagine, the first player started ingot trading at 400 yuan/gold. Yes, ingot trading made that player insanely rich.
Sadly, the price ceiling for gold is not limited. Players buy gold at 1300 yuan each, sometimes reaching 1,800 yuan during modified exp events. It's nearly impossible to get rich using this method these days, but let's just hope that people will realize that if everyone does this method, we won't need to spend money anymore.

Crafting items can also be a sweepstakes-like source of income. Instead of crafting PG to sell, why not craft items that are worth millions in the market. Equipment crafting is a very risky business it will either take you down or make you rich. To be successful in this field, you must be very good with numbers. Here's how we do it.

Look at the market right now and check what item you are going to craft. Should we craft the item with the greatest demand, but has lot of competition? Or should we push through with less famous items, but has a constant price. Should we craft items limited to one class? or those items which anyone could use? What level of item should I craft?

These are some of the questions that you should think of before starting this business. Let's have some examples.

Banded rings and jeweled rings are some of the most sought of equipment in the game. The Former are used by WX, YS, YM and to some extent, YJ. The latter are used by YL, FS and YJ. Banded rings have too much competition, Lin Yun's ring and Ring of Brahma are the two most waned rings for physical damagers. The former is expensive, but is worth the price, the latter has uber attack power + critical. Jeweled Ring's competition is the Ring of Precepts, which we all know is too expensive to be a common item for gamers. Mage types are looking for chant decreasing rings and high MATK. I'll go and craft MATK rings, I think I'll have a higher chance of selling them compared to banded rings.

Just think of how Henry Sy started his empire, "If every Filipino buys a shoe from me, then I'll be successful", now he owns SM, the mega-empire of malls in the Philippines. Just try the same concept in Perfect World, and you should have your fair share of success, in the game of course.

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