Anomaly in the Territorial War Scoring

Anomaly in the Territorial War Scoring

The battle for being the Territorial warlords ended last July 21. For some clans this is nothing new anymore as they have already experienced this battle last year. But for most clans especially in the newest server Serpent, this battle is their first step to get the chance to join in the Phoenix Council Wars.

After 4 months of battle, GM Chagatai announced the top 4 clans of each server last July 23.

Dragon Tiger Serpent
dragon.jpg tiger.jpg serpent.jpg

Now we compare these scores to the scores we computed in the weekly calculation here in Just Perfect.

Dragon Tiger Serpent
bHadBoys 124 Guardians 204 Dei 116
HolyOrder 124 Legacy™ 158 8kM 109
Celestial 106 Exiled 148 Sentinels 106
MaHaRoT 92 Aether 28 Quad 70

We can see the differences in the scoring. Although most scores differ, for as long as the top 4 positions don't change we won't have any reason to complain the scorings. But let's look at what happened. In LU's scoresheet, Quad of Serpent server didn't cut in for the 4th clan position while Doomsday made it. What happened?

Below is the week 13 battle according the LU's records. Encircled are the errors carried over until the final scores. As you can see in Victory Prairie, Quad attacked Doomsday and successfully conquered it. In the End Owner it showed Quad but the Action was Defend. At this point, Doomsday got 1 point while Quad had no point. So if we are to correct the Action and the subsequent scores, Quad should've gotten 5 points while Doomsday lost 3 points.

Another issue is with Dragon. Let's look at how the errors in the tabulated scores of LU were made. LU didn't post week 9's scores so we're going to compare week 8 tabulated score with week 10 tabulated score and the final scores of Dragon. Notice the encircled scores of week 6. In week 8, the scores show HolyOrder getting 16 points for week 6 while in week 10, the scores suddenly show HolyOrder getting only 15 points for week 6.
The scores as of Week 8. week8.jpg

The scores as of Week 10. week10.jpg

The scores as of Week 14. week14.jpg

Then for the final week, week 14, the one point of HolyOrder from week 6 is still missing. In the same week, HolyOrder was able to defend 8 lands and conquer one land from Carnage. Where did their 13 points go? Just one look at the tabulated scores, we can already surmise that the 8 points from the defended lands went to the Holy0rder (2) while the 5 points from the conquered land went to Method. Method has no land but here, it shows that they have 5 points. At the end of the scoring, HolyOrder is missing 14 points. Exactly the same points they need to be tied to bHadBoys.

No rule has been made regarding tied scores. No tie-breaking rule. No means to find out what clan will be put to the top 1 position nor top 2 position. What will happen with the clans bHadBoys and HolyOrder as they are tied for the same position. What will happen to this? If bHadBoys will become the top 1 clan of the territorial war and since they are also the top 1 clan of the people's champ. They will automatically enter the semi-finals round. If bHadBoys will become the top 2 clan, then we will see a sight to behold. bHadBoys vs HolyOrder in the eliminations round.

We went to LU's office and spoke with GM Samhok regarding these scores. GM Samhok confirmed that he already spoke with GM Felmaiden and that they know about the said discrepancies. But they still can't announce the correct clans in serpent and what to do with the tied clans in dragon because GM Chagatai is the one handling the event. They can't go over the heads of each other.

GM Chagatai said that the deadline for the submission of the clans' lineup is until August 5, 2008 only. As of press time, no retraction nor erratums have been announced. Only 9 more days until the deadline. If LU won't act soon, Quad's 4 months of hardship in battle would be totally wasted while Doomsday's reputation will be forever tarnished if they follow through with the so-called top 4 clan.

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