Perfect World Tribune Volume 9

Anomaly in the Territorial War Scoring

The battle for being the Territorial warlords ended last July 21. For some clans this is nothing new anymore as they have already experienced this battle last year. But for most clans especially in the newest server Serpent, this battle is their first step to get the chance to join in the Phoenix Council Wars.

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Unorthodox Fist (Another view)

This article was guest written by a person who has experienced handling a fist yumang

Some how, Yu Mang can be deceiving and unpredictable in battle, specially these type of builds, they can be both deadly from afar and at close range. Most people tend to overlook at Yu Mang's capabilities in close range. Instead of using bow and arrow, these Yu Mang's will use Fist/Bladed Fist as their secondary weapons.

Contributor: HuinizEli of Dragon server
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Rags to Riches: Ironsmith Academy and Tailor University

Hi, welcome to the third part of Rags to Riches article.

Ever wonder why some players stand beside the NPC iron smith/tailor all day? Ever think why you suffer grinding everyday, but these players managed to level up, to the point that they are higher than you? Welcome to the unique way of grinding in game: Craft leveling.

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