Rags to Riches: Hunter Edition

Rags to Riches: Hunter Edition

Hi, welcome back. We are in the 2nd part of the Rags to riches series. Last week, we discussed how to get yuan from simple grinding, now we shall discuss on earning by becoming a hunter.

What do hunters do? Basically, they go from place to place in search of treaseures and other valuable items. Perfect World is no exception, our game has it's own version of treasure hunting. Most PW hunters are found in instance caves. New hunters emerged upon the Dusk Palace and Frost City patch. They kill boss monsters in search of something to sell at a high price.

Treasure hunting is a very good source of income, though it's a bit riskier since you are not assured that you will get the item you wanted. Luck is the name of the game, and treasure hunters usually spend some yuan in order to resume their hunting. Treasure hunters are best in groups, though it is possible to have solo hunter nowadays (Hint: Yao Jing and Dusk Palace).

Ok, what are the best items to hunt? First and foremost, molds. Holy equipments are some of the most expensive items in Perfect World. The best place to start mold hunting is Soulless Gate, where in you might get a mold of Bloody Ghast,(2nd most expensive mold to date, next to Shinzi Padded Armor), Ring of Inner Demon's Power, Sword of Alacrity to name a few. After SG, you may want to try Treasure Grotto. Lin Yun's Ring is the best mold you'll get here, though some of the most commonly used Holy equipments like Captain's Armlet, Sword of Overwhelming Victory, Great Maul of the Black Iron etc are found here too. The latter molds aren't as precious as Lin Yun's Ring but still, they cost a few bucks in the market. You may want to take Heaven and Hell and higher cave instances, but that's to your discretion.

As much as I want to write something about Frost and Dusk caves, I can't give you guides on which boss is best to hunt. I don't have much experience hunting on those caves, but I know that some Dusk items are worth 60m yuan per piece. You can just look at our Dusk Palace item database and check which boss drops the item, then try your luck killing it.
Frost City, on the other hand, still sounds mysterious to me. There are a few jaw dropping equipment available, but no one has any idea on how to obtain them. Try crafting them and it might get an inflated price in the market. Again, try your luck wih that cave.

Hunters should have a very solid party. A basic party should consist of a Yao Shou, Yuling (preferably two) and Yao Jing. The remaining four party slots can have any other classes or you can have a party fewer than 7 if you think you can survive with it. Fewer hunters mean fewer people to share the loot, but also makes hunting a little bit difficult.

There, we finished hunters edition. It's not easy to work as a hunting group. It take teamwork, coordination, trust, and familiarization to each other to become one of the best Cave Hunters in Perfect World.

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