Things Support Yu Lings want non-Yu Lings to know

Things Support Yu Lings want non-Yu Lings to know

by: Enei of Tiger server

In a party environment, Yu Lings have a critical role of preventing the whole party to be wiped out. And for this reason, Yu Lings need to be protected at all costs. If the Yu Ling survives, other characters can be resurrected and can continue their task painlessly.

1. Nothing annoys a monster more than a player who is healing the one they are attacking. For this reason, monsters will turn away from the tanker and head straight to the healer once a heal spell is cast (noticeable especially on off-tank mobs). When a Yu Ling draws 'aggro', the closest player to the healer stops whatever they're doing and takes the mobs off the healer as soon as possible.

This may be harsh to the individual capabilities of each member, but as with every party, when the healer goes down so as the whole party. If the healer heals and defends himself against the mobs, he is not healing the party members.

2. Do not split up and go different directions, just stay close to the group.

A major bane of being a healer (support). Healers must maintain a line of sight range in order to heal. We can't heal you if your not in the group. Please don't demand to be healed if you are located far away.

3. Please don't ask us to buff you from time to time, we need our mana for our heal spells.

Targeted buffs (Ward of Iron, Ward of Spirits, Immortal Counsel, and Fervor) last for 30 minutes,
while party buffs (Ward of Salvation, Alacrity, Wisdom of Heavens, and Blessed Symbol) last for an hour.
Effects do not diminish over time and wears off as soon as the duration is over.
Casting them all over again eats up mana that we're suppose to use to heal the group.

4. Please wait if you want to be resurrected. Don't demand that you should be revived immediately.

There's a reason why Yu Lings don't revive a dead player immediately. Maybe because they're busy keeping the other members of the party alive (note that Prayer of Life skill has a casting time of 6 seconds, and 6 seconds without a healer can be fatal especially when the hp bar of the other members of the party drops like hell because of the damage that they take) or there's an angry mob circling around the dead players spot (if he gets revived in this situation, chances are he'll get killed for the second time in a row, and that wouldn't be a pleasant sight).

5. Know your roles and your limitations

In other words, make sure that the tank is tanking and the others are helping in controlling mobs. Don't rush between the mobs and the party if know that you can't sustain too much damage. Also, don't tank a number of mobs that you can't handle. There may not always be an ideal party, but if every member works as a team, quest and other task will be a lot less difficult to accomplish.

6. Yu Lings may not have enough mana to heal everyone in the party

We can probably keep the tanker (and the off tanker, if there is any) alive without draining mana too quickly, but if we suddenly spam our heals because nearly everyone draws aggro, we'll run out of mana fast and everyone will die. Not only that, all the healing will probably cause some of the mobs to aggro us.

7. Give any excess mana potions and such to the healers of your party.

Unless you really need them for a specific situation, we will more than likely need them a lot more than anyone else in the group. (I give my greatest gratitude to those who are very willing to give their spare spirit potions to Yu Lings like us XD)

8. Give us the benefit of the doubt.

Don't demand to be healed if you think you need it.

Believe me, many Yu Lings who plays support knows exactly what they're doing. If you are running low, and they have not healed you yet, there may be some reason as to why. Look at the obvious before becoming demanding, thinking that they are not healing you on purpose for some reason. A healer who knows what to do is carefully eyeing everyone's hp bars, calculating heal times, heal types, and available mana. (this includes lag spikes that causes certain delays on our skills)

9. If you see a Yu Ling asking for help for a particular quest (quest includes killing certain monsters) and you are doing the same quest, invite them to your party.

It's hard to go solo on quests, so we will be very happy if we can have some assistance on our quest. Not only does it finishes the task faster but it also gives us the environment to use and practice our skills (heals and buffs).

10. Give us some time to regenerate mana.

Yu Lings have many skills, and we're doing our best to manage our souls and yuans to update the level of our skills.
In other words, we may not have enough yuans to spend on potions (especially mana potions). So we really appreciate breaks between battles to regenerate precious points. Learn to check if we still have enough mana to support (asking would be nice).

Inadequate mana potions doesn't mean that we are not prepared, it's just that we really cannot afford to buy them from time to time.

11. Do not blame a party getting wiped on the Yu Ling.

It is very rarely due to the Yu Lings not doing their jobs.

All Yu Lings who go on support knows what they're doing.

Please look at yourself and the actual things that led up to the wipe, rather than just blindly blaming the us for the wipe every time. If the party wipes, we either kept aggro or ran out of mana because because of certain situations (see #6)

Every member in a party has their own responsibilities and is accounted for whatever action they do. Please don't put the blame on us if the party goes down. It is true that Yu Lings keep the party alive, but we can't do that if we are being threatened to die.

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