Another New Old Event

Another New Old Event

Explanation of what's happening

An oxymoron. According to wikipedia, An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms. This is exactly the events that we currently have. The lucky star challenge will continue on July 16, 6-9pm for Tiger server while July 17, 6-9 pm for Serpent server. The original mechanics are already out of the window as the exchanging process has changed yet again. No more schedule for Dragon server since they had their exchange before the Frost City patch. This caused quite an uproar to the players especially after they've been waiting for its continuation. Unfortunately these rants already affected even the immortals in game. The immortals are player volunteers who help out the game moderators and answer the questions of the players to the best of their knowledge. Immortal ZhuanXu, as one of the 4 senior immortals, has been answering almost all the queries thrown at them.

The reason behind the problems of the awarding is what the management calls GM Tool. When the frost city patch was implemented, Wan Mei included some information that was not tested by the LU team prior to its implementation. The GM Tool was rendered unusable which caused some delays in the awarding of some events. GM SamHok announced the awarding delay for the D-Wars event but they failed to mention that the delay included not only the D-Wars tournament. Still they tried to salvage some events for the players. They continued with the previously announced events for the D-Wars and with the clamor for the Lucky Star, they also announced its continuation.

In summary of what has been happening,

Dusk Palace was implemented

GM Chagatai hinted the coming of the Frost City before the end of May

Players' anticipation grew and their rants become louder than their rave as May ended with no patch to show

GM SamHok was hired to explain what's happening with the patch and pacify the players, GM Chagatai now handles the D-Wars Tournament

GM SamHok announced different events prior to Frost City so that players' anticipation wont cease. This included the modified exp, drop, yuan and souls. This also included the nescafe 3 in 1 spot the alien event and also the Lucky Star 2.

Frost City was implemented. Some say it's because Boss Ben (LU founder) is getting married and they had to implement the marriage system to have an event for it. Some players were surprised by the suddenness of the patch. Unlike the previous patch where they announce the exact date some weeks before, this patch was announced just a day before it was implemented.

The patch delayed the event Lucky Star 2 because most players were not able to patch properly. Using the original CD, the patcher will just show the buttons but the buttons don't have its proper names and the buttons were not click able at all. Some players reported that even the manual patch is taking hours to download and will result in some errors too. This time many players are commenting how billboards are telling gamers to "join the game" when the CD and the downloads don't work properly.

The GM Tool was rendered unusable. This tool is the one responsible for the awarding of fame, souls and exp. The delay of the awards is now a huge problem. LU already reported to Wan Mei about it. For the awarding of soulstones and yuans, the game moderators just top up and buy from the NPC just like normal players. So now, players are wondering why the awardings of these items are also delayed.

Rants can be read in the pwboards. Some players quit because of what's happening. Some can't patch at all. Some decided they have enough of the mess LU keeps bringing them. Some quit because of the delay of their award. When asked what kind of award was it, these players mentioned 1k pcs of level 5 soulstones.

The GM Tool is now usable so the awardings continued.

The D-Wars and Lucky star events were already announced beforehand so LU had to continue the said events. This time they had to cut the Lucky Star 2 short since there are many things they have to do including the delayed awarding of the prizes and the preparations for the upcoming ending of the Warlords tournament.

Now another new event recycled from one of the past ones was announced recently. The 3-in-1 screenshot contest. Let's see how this one goes.

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