The Unorthodox Fist Part 2

The Unorthodox Fist

Hi there fellow PW citizens, here we are in the 2nd part of our Unorthodox Fist article.

Last Week, we discussed on how a Fist Yumang could be built. Now we have a deadly assassin in our arsenal, how do we use it.?


Ok, remember that we are built with heavy armor, so start leveling on physical types of monsters and try not to go against pure magic types. You may swap your heavy armors for some light one to compensate to your lack of MDEF. You decide on how you fit your armor, just a reminder, always think of what possible siuations you could be in.


So really, how do we kill monsters. Easy, get close and start whacking. Pure, plain and simple. If you were once a RO player, you'll soon feel like an Assassin. Bladed Fists have high dex requirement, so your Crit rate and hit rate goes up too. Make sure to have your dex on increments of 20's, not including armor bonuses (unless you have a set of armor that you'll use permanently).

At early levels, you'll probably experience some difficulties. HP Potions will be your friend here. You may bring a few SP Pots, or maybe forget about them at all.

Territorial Wars
How about in TW? What do we do?

I think Fist Yumang could be a very good bait againts Wuxia's and YaShous. They'd probably try to get close to you and think you'll run. But whala! Start hitting them with your fist. With a high evasion, WX and YS will have a hard time killing you. And if they try to run, you may switch to a bow (if you bring one) and punch holes through their bodies.

You may want to take out other Yumangs. Remember, their damage is halved once you are close, except for those darn lightning skills. Other classes like Fashihs, Yao Jings and Yu ling could inflict you huge damages whether you're near or far. Your only hope is to strike them from behind and hope they succumb before they could even think of running.

Use your wing skills if the need arises. They deal good damage and has a very fast cooldown. You can spam those skills, but make sure to drink a few SP pots because these wing skills are nasty MP drainers.

So there you go, something new, something fresh. This build is not flawless. There will be some situations in which you'll be the dedicated cheerer. But with precise timing and wise decisioning, you'll make them fear fighting you, but they'll love having you around. You are the Unorthodox Fist Yumang..

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