Nearing the Phoenix Council Wars

Nearing the Phoenix Council Wars


An analysis

The battle for the territorial war supremacy will end on July 21 after a period of three months and one week. Now three months since it started, we almost have the final scores for each server. Each of the top 4 clan in the territorial war will battle it out with the top 4 clans of the wildcards called People's Champions. The People's Champions are based on the top-ups of players. Some players purposely top up at the last minute hoping to tide the scores to their favor before the voting period ended so the top 4 in the wildcards now might not be the top 4 on July 21.
Looking at the tw scores of each server, we can almost surmise the results of the four top clans.

Server Dragon Server Tiger Server Serpent Server
1 bHadBoys Guardians Dei
2 Holy Order Exiled 8kM
3 Celestial Legacy™ Sentinels
4 MaHaRoT Aether Quad

If we're going to base the People's Champions on the current votes of the clans, we're going to have these battles:

Dragon Server

1 bHadBoys vs bHadBoys
2 Holy Order vs Lotus
3 Celestial vs Carnage
4 MaHaRoT vs Method

Tiger Server

1 Guardians vs Exiled
2 Exiled vs Aether
3 Legacy™ vs Guardians
4 Aether vs Loyalty

Serpent Server

1 Dei vs Doomsday
2 8kM vs O|H
3 Sentinels vs 8kM
4 Quad vs Avernus

Red for Territorial war clans and blue for People Champions.

If the clans vying for the top 4 spots in the territorial wars want to change their current positions, they would have a hard time as there's only one week remaining. The only clans i can see that can still change their positions are 8kM and Sentinels of Serpent server. These two clans are neck to neck and if 8kM continues their way of not bidding against their own lands while Sentinels bid all their clans next week, Sentinels might have a chance to remove 8km from the 2nd position and forcing 8km to face 8kM too for the 3rd battle in the server championship.

Like i said, of course the positions of the wildcards can still change. In the dragon server unless bHadBoys push Lotus for the number 1 spot which is a bit hard to do considering it would need at least 21k points, they will have to face their own clan for the first battle in the server championship. This would mean that they will automatically move to the semifinals but they lose the 2 chances they could have to get both teams to the semifinals.

The battle in Tiger server is pretty much set already. The only change i can see in this line up is the wildcard clans positions of Guardians and Aether. Guardians would need around 800 points to take the top 2 spot. But taking that spot would mean they might face their own clan in the semi-finals and that's a far cry from facing your own clan for the finals.

Some clans have only one team representing them. Some clans have two teams from the TW leg and the wildcard leg. The latter clans want to have two teams to give their clan a higher chance to be the Server Champion. If they want to have a sure shot at the semi finals leg just like what bHadBoys have, or if they want to possibly face their teammates on the semi-finals leg just like Exiled, or if they want to possibly meet their teammates on the finals stretch of the battle just like Guardians, Aether and 8kM. In the end it will still boil down to what the clans plan to do.

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