Perfect World Tribune Volume 8

Nearing the Phoenix Council Wars

The battle for the territorial war supremacy will end on July 21 after a period of three months and one week. Now three months since it started, we almost have the final scores for each server. Each of the top 4 clan in the territorial war will battle it out with the top 4 clans of the wildcards called People's Champions.

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Another New Old Event

Explanation of what's happening with the events of Perfect World

An oxymoron. According to wikipedia, An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms. This is exactly the events that we currently have.

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The Unorthodox Fist 2

I published an article last time, discussing the versatility of the Yao Jing and Wuxia classes. Somewhere out of the shadows, a player named Huiniz kept insisting that the Yumang class should be a part of the most versatile class. He told me that the fist yumang is one of the deadliest characters in the game. I didn't believe him at first but then, I haven't seen a Fist Yumang in action.

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Rags to Riches: Hunter Edition

Hi, welcome back. We are in the 2nd part of the Rags to riches series. Last week, we discussed how to get yuan from simple grinding, now we shall discuss on earning by becoming a hunter.

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Buknoy and co.
Things Support Yu Lings want non-Yu Lings to know

From time to time we post guides and information about Perfect World. This article was written by a player for the benefit of non-yulings or elf priest (international version). We, Yu Lings, echo the sentiments of the writer.

In a party environment, Yu Lings have a critical role of preventing the whole party to be wiped out. And for this reason, Yu Lings need to be protected at all costs. If the Yu Ling survives, other characters can be resurrected and can continue their task painlessly.

Contributor: Enei of Tiger server
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