The Unorthodox Fist

The Unorthodox Fist

I published an article last time, discussing the versatility of the Yao Jing and Wuxia classes. Somewhere out of the shadows, a player named Huiniz kept insisting that the Yumang class should be a part of the most versatile class. He told me that the fist yumang is one of the deadliest characters in the game. I didn't believe him at first but then, I haven't seen a Fist Yumang in action.

Weeks has passed and I've forgotten Huiniz' inquiries. Out of nowhere, I saw a fist Yumang mercilessly killing monsters outside Dream Port. I forgot his name but I was awed on how this badass kills those monsters.

That inspired me to make a theoretical approach on how to build a Fist Yumang.
Before we start, let's discuss the Pros and Cons

Skills, or lack of thereof.
Low natural def compared to WX and YS
Low HP compared to other melee types
No mastery, so damage is based on weapon alone.

Insane dodge rate
Can go from ranged to melee in an instant, unpredictable in battle.
Saves up MP pots, you rarely uses skills
Feather Barrier and Soaring Eagle, saves you ass most of the time.

Ok, so how do we start with a fist wux… err.. Yumang?
First create a Yumang (duh!) and give it a name (duh again)
From the start, choose between Fist or Bladed Fist.

Fist requires higher strength but lower Dex. Min damage and Max damage is pretty close, you'll be dealing constant damage.
Bladed Fist has higher stat requirements, but has higher damage as well.

Both weapons look cool, so stop thinking about the 'porma' factor.
I prefer Bladed Fist over Fist. We'll have high Dexterity so we can switch to Bow any given time if the need arises. You don't have fist mastery, let the bladed fist's base damage cover it for you.

Ok, now we have a weapon, what armor are we supposed to wear?
I know you might incline to Light armor, but I would suggest using Heavy Armor. Why you ask? It's because you are a melee type, you'll be receiving physical damage 90% of the time. You can use two types of armor. You can use heavy armors with HP/DEF stats + HP/DEF stones. If there are Wu-Shous, then we will be Yu-xias. A tougher tank means higher survivability rate. We don't want a paper-thin tank do we?

Then there is the mysterious Evasion. We can abuse the evasion rate of Yumangs. I've heard that as much as 40% dodge rate is attainable. Still, use Heavy Armors with Eva stats/stones. Eva Yumang's are quite low in HP, probably 3k at max. Your life depends on your evasion rate, so better buff up before clashing with monsters.

Here are the suggested equipment for your Fist yumang [level 80]

Weapon: Jade Claw of the Butterfly
Headgear: Helm of Pirates
Armor: Cuirass of the Pirate King OR Rank 4 armor
Leggings: Any 3 star you prefer
Boots: same as above
Armlets: Bloody moon wristlet or anything with - 10 aspd. A MUST
Rings: attack rings with Crit
Accessories: depends on our build.
Robe: 3 star robe closest to your level. Hey, it's eva, can't be bad for you.

Stat distribution:
Boost your Dex according to your weapon of choice. Don't do those 3-1-1 build etc, prepare your stats before hand. I have my stats prepared 10 levels ahead of my weapon. No kidding, 10 Levels.
Maximize your strength. It's another source of your damage, so boost it as much as you can.
Con: dump all your extra stats here. You're lucky enough if this reaches above 80, but heck, they can't hit you that much. Con is just for a little HP cushion.
Int: Don't touch this.

We shall continue next week, we'll discuss on how we fight, where to level and such. CIAO!

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