LU rewards for Perfect World

LU rewards for Perfect World

Level Up recently announced that the MY LU rewards system is now up. Hooray! The last rewards system was akin to our auctioneer. Premium items were up for grabs and people bid with their rewards. With this new rewards system, people get to choose their reward. So what's in store for us Perfect World players?

When you first login, you will basically see this info. Note of course that the rewards points here are mine saved for the last few years i've been playing LU's games. Yours could be different. My oh my! Which means i've spent P17,455.00 since i only used top up to gather this much points if the conversion rates didn't change.

Let's look at the catalog for Perfect World:

I don't know when ordinary people like me will reach the reward 1 Nine Sons Elite. The best people can hope for would be the level 10 molds. Even that can be hard to get for students who only top up using their allowances.

After choosing the reward you want select your server and the type the name of your character, a confirmation button will appear. A few days ago when they first released this system in public, the Dragon and the Tiger characters were mixed up. If you type your character's name in Dragon server, the confirmation screen will show the name of your character in Tiger server. So whenever you click on the confirmation button, it will give you a BIG RED error message. It's a good thing they have already fixed that.

Looks like i will get my stones 2-3 weeks from now. Looking at the previous PW events where LU's team were always delayed with the rewards, one can't help but wonder if the 2-3 weeks from now could mean 2-3 months from now. I'm crossing my fingers here.

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