Rags to Riches: How to earn in PW (Part 1)

Rags to Riches: How to earn in PW (Part 1)

Browsing the Auctioneer page, you saw an item that you really like. It's perfect to your character and it seems to be the weapon of your dreams. You want to buy it now because it expires in an hour. You checked your yuan: not enough. You checked your gold: still not enough. Defeated by lack of money, you walked into a corner and cried 'til no tears are flowing. Ok, stop being an emo jerk. Why don't you try earning money in-game instead? We all know that yuan runs the game, and it is possible to be filthy rich without spending too much (real) money.

What does it take to be rich? You have to be patient, creative and aggressive at some point to earn in the game, we shall discuss a few tips on how to get the riches in Perfect World.


Love it or hate it, you'll have to spend sometime grinding your character 'til you level up. Why not earn while doing it? Besides it is the most common thing you do, so better yield some good income from it. There are a few ways of earning through grinding. Let's name a few:

Loot loot loot the yuan
Choose the monster that you'll kill. Example, would you rather kill monsters same level as you are,one by one OR mob up lower leveled monsters and kill them fast? It depends on your class. Wuxias and Yao Shous are built for the latter while other classes prefers solo killing. Choose the monster type wisely, you wouldn't want to grind on pure magical monsters if you are a heavy armor type.

If you prefer mobbing, make sure you can tank the damage of the monsters. Mob up to your limit but don't overdo it. You may want to maximize your AoE skills on each mob so you'd be saving on SP potions. An hour of mobbing could yield you as much as 400k yuan worth of loots, minus your repairs and pots, your income should be well around 200-300k yuan.


Killing one monster at a time is, errr, dull. It might bore you but it is worth the grind. Mage Classes (plus yumang) prefer this kind of set-up. Try not to get hit as much as possible to save on repairs. Use Zen Recovery when you're out of SP to save on SP pots. Avoid getting mobbed or better yet, try looking for non-aggressive monsters to kill.
We all know that the Yao Jing class is the master of solo hunting. They rarely get hit [hint: Golem], they save up on SP [sustenance] and HP [Vigor] potions. Heck, my YJ friend went out to hunt with 50 HP/SP pots and came back with 100 each of them. Plan ahead, Think of the items that you're going to use on each adventure. Make sure that the loots you're selling covers all expenses like repairs, potions, teleport fee etc. Loot everything from the monsters you've killed. Yuan, pots, DSQ items, arrows etc. Everything is worth something. Never leave a dime behind.

Loot loot loot the item
Prefer soloing if you really need to earn yuan. Sounds selfish but you have to consider that not sharing is the best way of saving (in the game of course). Or if you want to have a party, make sure it's set at "free for all'. You will be sharing yuan but make it clear that no one touches the loot of the monster that you killed.

So what do we do with the loots that we have? Loots that monsters drop are mainly DSQ items, ammunition or pots. Sometimes you get soulstones or equipment. The quickest way to earn that money is to sell everything to NPC's. You'll be earning the base price of those items. You can sell them then go back to your grinding ways. Another way is to sell them to people through vending. DSQ loots are quite popular to those bronze/silver/gold token hunters. An item worth 2k yuan on base price could be well worth 4k - 8k to players. That's 100% increase of income, drawback is that it takes time to sell these items.


For the equipment, make sure that you appraise only the these deem worthy. Don't appraise heavy armors with no slots, incomplete mdef and only has 1 unknown property. Take your chances on rings with unknown property. You just might get a critical +2% or chanting -6%. I had a very good loot before, a level 78 banded ring with crit +2%, Attack + 11, Dex + 5. Now ain't that a beauty?

Loot loot loot the rare
For those who want to try their luck, grind endlessly on some monsters and they just might drop a mold. Yes, a shining golden mold. The wolves in Dream Village are good examples. Reports shows that some players managed to obtain the rare level 80 bow from them. It could be worth a fortune.

Grinding tends to get boring at times, but they are the most efficient way of earning and levelling up at the same time in Perfect World.

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