Dragon and Tiger vs Dragon City

Dragon and Tiger vs Dragon City


Yes! Dragon and Universal Cities are open for bidding! We got overwhelmed by the fact that there were new territories to be explored that we forgot to ask if these new territories were supposed to be included with the recent patch. We wrote in the previous article that new skills were added even though the GMs didn't mention this. Through the initiative of players, we confirmed that these skills are now active in the game. So that only means UC and DC are now open for territorial war battles right? WRONG!

The clan bHaDBoys in Dragon server was the first clan that attempted to attack the much coveted city. They have at least two lands beside the city so they were able to bid against it. It was a highly anticipated battle that even the clan's enemies were rooting for them. So what went wrong? Wei Xiao Bao didn't announce the battle. That should've been a hint already that the map was still unaccessible. When a member of the clan tried to enter the battle field, this was what they saw:


Ok so that was a week ago. This weekend, Guardians of the Tiger server made a bid for the city. Even with the fact that DC didn't open its gates against bHaDBoys a week before, Guardians still made a bid. Some members of the said clan were saying that a clan will need to own 2 major cities first before it can bid for DC. Due to the fact that Guardians own Beast and Sword cities in Tiger, DC should be open for them. That was why they took the risk even though the battle didn't happen in the Dragon server. Battle time came and went. Wei Xiao Bao still didn't announce any battle. The map for Guardians members looked the same as it was with the bHaDBoys members.

Looks like the major cities are still locked. No matter what the rules are, fact is clans still can't make these major cities their homes. Some people are kidding around saying Wei Xiao Bao forgot his keys to open the gates of the cities. Who knows? Maybe they are right after all.

Erratum: TY Roledo. Guardians owns Beast City and not Feather City as I previously wrote.

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