Perfect World Tribune Volume 7

Dragon and Tiger vs Dragon City

Yes! Dragon and Universal Cities are open for bidding! We got overwhelmed by the fact that there were new territories to be explored that we forgot to ask if these new territories were supposed to be included with the recent patch.

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Rags to Riches: How to earn in PW (Part 1)

Browsing the Auctioneer page, you saw an item that you really like. It's perfect to your character and it seems to be the weapon of your dreams. You want to buy it now because it expires in an hour. You checked your yuan: not enough. You checked your gold: still not enough. Defeated by lack of money, you walked into a corner and cried 'til no tears are flowing. Ok, stop being an emo jerk. Why don't you try earning money in-game instead? We all know that yuan runs the game, and it is possible to be filthy rich without spending too much (real) money.

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The Unorthodox Fist

I published an article last time, discussing the versatility of the Yao Jing and Wuxia classes. Somewhere out of the shadows, a player named Huiniz kept insisting that the Yumang class should be a part of the most versatile class. He told me that the fist yumang is one of the deadliest characters in the game. I didn't believe him at first but then, I haven't seen a Fist Yumang in action.

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LU Rewards for Perfect World

Level Up recently announced that the MY LU rewards system is now up. Hooray! The last rewards system was akin to our auctioneer.

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