Frost City Patch: The Good, the Bad and the Verdict

Frost City Patch: The Good, the Bad and the Verdict.

Last June 23, the Perfect World citizens were surprised by a sudden announcement. There will be he new Frost city patch on June 24, 2008. Well maybe it's a month late but nevertheless, it was something exciting for most of us. Of course, a patch can never be perfect, and we shall discuss the ups and downs of the current Frost City patch.

The Good

  • Players have another reason to stay in Perfect World. There are a lot of new things available for players. First the Frost City dungeon (duh!). It's a proto-Dusk palace cave, but has a level limit of 75 compared to 60 of Dusk Palace. There are a few outstanding equipment that could be crafted here, but nothing that would awe players.

~Janelh~ and Arfael_'s wedding

  • And there is the Wedding system. Two hearts are now allowed to tie the knot in this cyber world. It's worth around 10,000 gold per person. Partners who are married will receive some incentives. First, both parties will have new titles above their names (xxxxx's wife or xxxxx's husband, isn't that cute?). They'll have their names announced by the system automatically, telling the whole server that they've just been married. Then, they'll be given 10 Wedding Ang Paos each which could be exchanged for a random Wedding wine, wedding gift or candy. The wedding gift could be sold to NPCs for 99,999 yuan; the wedding candy could be exchanged for 20 fame each while the wine could be exchanged for assorted items.
  • The New level 99 dungeons have been activated. That means new mobs, new bosses and of course, new molds. Players have been waiting for their level 2 fairies; the old one seemed too outdated.
  • It was a surprise since the new patch is almost as equal as the latest patch in PW-China, Burning Anger of the Gods. New skills are now available, though it's still in boxes and has no description.
  • There are new items available in the item mall. New Fashion sets like the Demon-Baron, Bewitching Blouse etc. I myself bought a new Bewitching set, its cool, makes you fell like you're Neo from the Matrix or Chao Yun Fat in his movies. There's also the new mounts, namely Cloud Elephant and the Raptor. They have a base speed of 9 which could be upgraded to 10. Very useful for the snake island racing event.

The Bad

  • There had been problems downloading the patch. An as usual, extended maintenance was needed by LU. It was a 150 mb patch so it took time to finish it. There were quite a few errors while patching, some players took hours, even days to figure out what to do.
  • Some players noticed the decrease in drop rates. At first everyone thought it was just a bug, but all week long, they've been hunting for Dark signs and DSQ items to no avail. Was this planned by LU? I know there are candies for fame but I its too expensive for us players. Yes, it's easier to get rank 8 for a measly 400,000. Not yuan, not gold, but pesos. No one, not even the filthy rich would spend that much for a game. (But again, there are those irrelevantly rich kids that just could spend so much).
  • There are a lot of 'square' quests and items. Why release it when everything is full of bugs? Some speculations said that it was released because LU! owner, Ben Colayco, is getting married soon. They rushed the Marriage system in PW-PH so it can coincide with the 'Boss' wedding. Another thing, items that were fine before were back to square descriptions. Old skill books turned back to square description. Luckily the names of the skills are still intact. New quests are still in squares. Not a big issue right now, though it would help if they translate it now, especially the yellow quests, possibly for cultivation.
  • There was also a bug in Town Wars. bHadBoys, a clan from dragon server, bided for the ownership of Dragon City. To their astonishment, they were unable to enter the battle arena. They spent 2,000,000 yuan to bid on a city they cannot attack. Maybe 2m is a small amount for a big clan like the bHadBoys but they still wasted money and time, not counting the sleepless nights waiting for their impending attack.

bhadboys members can't enter the battle area

The Verdict

It was a surprising move by LU!. It's fun to have a new patch. There are a lot of new items, either bought from the Item mall or hunted It's all fun, but nothing great. It is at best average to the taste of players. Having to download 150mb of mediocrity doesn't guarantee your game success for the next few months.

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