Conquering TG: Riches awaits (part 2)

Conquering TG: Riches awaits

Part 2

Here we are in the second part of our discussion. We're finished with the Blackblade Bandit and Feng Yi Jian, now we shall continue.
Let's assume that we've killed the Blackblade Bandit. There are 2 roads that could be accessible. We call it 'Wolf road' and the Shortcut'. Like the first crossroads, it opens randomly.

If the Wolf Road, then be ready for some nerve-cracking physical attacks. You'll be meeting a lot of physical types of monsters. On the First gate, there will be a walking Wolf Warrior. It's a pure melee monster you better have your YS or WX suit up and kill it. You'll also meet some Wolf Archers. Again, use the stun technique to prevent it from running. If stun fails, then get ready for a short chase. Make your way to the 'Fountain' room. There will be two wolf warriors on the entrance, nothing that your YS/WX can't handle.

Here's a trick in this room. There will be two archers there. One in the alley, another one in the front. Lure them one by one and kill them. After killing them, have your WX/YS round up the remaining wolf warriors and kill them all at the same time. Your ranged teammates and Yuling should try to stay above the fountain so these wolves won't harm them. Just don't outdamage the tanker so the mob won't regenerate to full health.

Along the way you'll meet the same types of monsters, so just do the technique and you'll be fine. Just ahead, you'll be meeting a Wolf mage. It's a pure magic monster, uses water type of damage and runs away from melee attacks. Be careful because their spell causes slow, an annoying spell for those melee attackers. If you have a Fashih, have him/her cast armor of Ice and wear those Water Mdef equips, they should have no problem tanking these monsters. If you only have a Yao Shou for tanking, then get ready for some chase. Let it run twice and then tank it. Never stun it because it will just run two more times.

Clear your way to the Boss room and you'll meet:
HP: 1338680
Attack Type: Melee with occasional water type magic, pure water type when ranged.


There will be some critters with this Boss, a mixed mob of magic types and pure melee. You may want to clear a few of them before luring Bloodytooth. This boss walks around the area too. Again, lure it with the Yao Jing and have you tanker intercept it. Best to have your Fashih tank it. Equip with Pure Water Mdef items and cast Armor of Ice. Make sure you intercept it with a long-ranged attack so it won't attack physically. Use Earth type of spells so you'll maximize its weakness. If you have a Yao Shou as tank, then cast tiger's roar. Try to cancel its attack with the Tiger spells. It has a long cooldown but every cast is worth it. Don't worry about the physical attack, your [tremendous]HP and def should be enough to handle it.

Kill this boss and hopefully, you'll get a mold. Make your way to the Skeleton Area which will be discussed below.

If the shortcut road opens, then just do the same technique. It's the same archers and pirates you'll meet along the way. This road should be easy once you've familiarized yourself with the previous monsters.

Then there's the Skeleton Area. It's a huge room with filled with skeleton monsters. There are two types of Skeleton mobs, first, the Skeleton Archer. Same with all the archers you've butchered, they run after taking physical damage and deals pure physical attacks. Again, use the same techniques whenever you meet them. The other will be the Skeleton Frenzy. They deal physical damage but casts metal damage when ranged. I advise that a WX or YS tank this monster because mages usually don't have high Metal Mdef.

There will be three doors there. First on the right will be the exit of the Wolf Road. In the middle is the Road to Lin Yun and Lang Fang Tian. Straight ahead is the road to the 'Tower Room'. If you came from the shortcut, I suggest you kill a few monsters in the right side and then enter the Wolf Room via the exit [eh?] Kill the first two Wolf monsters, then the walking Wolf mage and then kill all three remaining Wolf warriors. You should be near the Boss room by then. Lure Bloodytooth and do the same procedure that we discussed earlier.

The room hosts two Doors. Again, they are opened randomly. If the door in the middle is open, then rejoice! You can head straight to Lin Yun's room. If not, then you'll have to do the painstaking task of killing the Spectral Tower.

Ok, let's say that Lin Yun's road is locked [Grrrr!]. Clear your way until you get to the north door. Kill all the skeletons until you get to another open area. This place has two doors, one on the right and another one straight ahead. You would want to go straight because that's where the Tower is. Clear your way there, you may ignore the monsters on the right side just make sure that they are the stationary mobs because those 'walkers' are certainly a headache to hunters. There will be a new monster in this room, that is the Skeleton General. They are purely melee monsters. Same with Wolf warriors, tank 'em with your WX/YS.

The alley towards the 'Tower' room is infested by Skeleton warriors. Again, have you WX/YS round them up and eliminate all of them. There will be 4 walking monsters in the Tower room. These are Ghouls, purely magical monsters that inflicts poison. Their poison stacks so make sure your YL know when to use Dispel. After killing the Ghouls, you may want to directly kill the tower so it will open Lin Yun's
road. You can ignore the Generals around the room. Kill the tower with long ranged attacks/spells. This tower inflicts huge damage, but has relatively short range.

Ok. head back to Lin Yun's road, the door should be open by now. The entrance is blocked by some skeleton Frenzies and Archers. Take them out one by one. After killing the group, there will be two skeleton generals with another group of Skeleton warriors behind them. You may take out the Generals then the Warriors or kill all of them at the same time. After the warriors is another room filled with Generals and Ghouls. There will be a total of four ghouls: Two walkers and Two stationary, and about seven Generals. Like the Tower Room, kill the Ghouls first then the Generals. You may leave the Generals in the right side undisturbed. After killing them, head to the Boss Room.

The Boss room is filled with Generals and Ghouls. I suggest you kill the monsters in the middle and then the monsters on either side [left or right]. That will be your Kill Zone for the Boss. Lure and kill the two walking Ghouls and be ready for the fight of your life.

Miserable Lin Yun
HP: 1369541
Type: None
Attack Type: Physical melee with occasional fire magic, pure fire when ranged

Lang Fang Tian
HP: 2334709
Type: None
Attack Type: Physical melee with occasional fire magic, pure fire when ranged

You can choose on whom you want to kill first. You may want to use a tough pet on luring these bosses, they deal huge amount of damage and may be able to kill some pets with one shot.

Remember how you killed Blackblade Bandit? basically it's the same process. Tank him with your Fashih equipped with Fire Mdef gear and Armor of Fire activated. Have your Yuling cast Infinite Aura. Use all high damaging spells, both bosses are Neutral so you don't have to worry about its weakness.

For Yao Shous, be ready for the occasional Fire attack because it will hurt a lot. Your high def, high HP and HP pots should compensate your lack of Fire mdef since they would do physical attacks about 80% of the time.

So that's how you conquer TG. With skills and some luck, you just might come out that cave a few million yuans richer.

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