Perfect World Tribune Volume 6

Frost City Patch: The Good, the Bad and the Verdict

Last June 23, the Perfect World citizens were surprised by a sudden announcement. There will be he new Frost city patch on June 24, 2008. Well maybe it's a month late but nevertheless, it was something exciting for most of us. Of course, a patch can never be perfect, and we shall discuss the ups and downs of the current Frost City patch.

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Conquering TG: Riches awaits

You turn in a dark alley, waiting to pounce an unaware archer. Suddenly, you stun him and shred his body apart. You feel the glory, taking out all the loots that it once owns.

Here we are in the second part of our discussion. We're finished with the Blackblade Bandit and Feng Yi Jian, now we shall continue.

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The Rise and Fall Of A Clan

With lots of clans to choose from, it's hard to create your own clan and take it to the top. With the newly open Serpent server, that opportunity to be one of the strongest clans opened up again.

Contributor: LoT24
Server: Serpent
Clan: Ayasam

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Avoiding Scams (6/6)

I enjoyed researching and compiling the tricks and trades of scamming and how to avoid them. Alas everything has to end. The last part of the series include other possible scams that i can't put into a category so i just put them all together in this last discussion.

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Buknoy and co.
Interview with Dei

Hi Folks! After spreading rumors and taking glee that some are correct. I, Wei Sa Baw, decided to drop by the Serpent server to chat with a clan known for being one of the strongest of them all.

I met Dei and some of its members CocoLven, Puck, markzqi, `SeDaH`, c DryPeRs, momo™ and SmOL.

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