Are we still newbie-friendly?

Are we still newbie-friendly?

The word newbie is a variant of 'new boy'. "Newbie" can be used as a term to identify newcomers to a game, place, or organization. - Wikipedia

When we start in a new game, all of us are newbies. We hack and slash monsters, we do quests, we level and learn as we go along in the game. When we reach a higher level, there will be other players who are also starting the game and are learning the game they way we used to. As the game gets older, new games start to enter the gaming scene and old players eventually move to other games to try them out. In this stage, the older game gets lesser amount of new players. New players are rare and when a low-level character is seen in game, one would normally think that this guy has another (high-level) character.

Let's apply that in our game Perfect World. Perfect World is not the newest game in the market. There are many high level players in our game now. Thus, newbies in the game are rarely newbies in all sense of that word, no knowledge, no friends, no items, nothing at all.

What do newbies normally do? Some new players who already have friends in game normally get help from their high-level friends. Other newbies ask help from people and even beg for items and money. Most newbies would try it out for themselves and would ask for help if they can't do it on their own anymore.

In my own experience. When we started this game, we have no prior knowledge about anything in it. We started our human characters and we try everything ourselves. Everything is so challenging. It's a very great feeling every time that we have achieved something and we conquered the challenge. The first challenge that we asked help from was the Grotto quest. Here a Wu Xia named PerFecMan voluntarily gave us assistance. We were grateful for the help he gave us coz he even died while killing the mobs for us. After that, we decided to help other people like the way he helped us.

Now i see high level people snob lowbies when they ask for help. People shouting for help in the boss quests or dungeon quests and nobody seem to take notice. Some high level players only help lowbies if they have token quests. After the tokens are used up, they don't help with the monsters anymore. Some high level players only help if they are paid to do so. There are threads in the perfect world boards ranting about people not being helpful anymore. Certain threads asking about help regarding builds and what class to choose were being closed by moderators. Yes these newbies need to use the search function. But if they are really newbies, what is the search function if they don't know what to search for in the first place?

When a game gets old and newbies are almost gone. As players, what do we do to encourage newbies to play the game we're enjoying? If newbies don't see that they are welcome, what reason can they have to continue playing the game? Do we really help newbies because we enjoy doing so or do we only help them if we are getting something in return (if that can be even called 'helping)?

Think about it? Are we still newbie-friendly?

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