Conquering TG: Riches awaits

Conquering TG: Riches awaits

You turn in a dark alley, waiting to pounce an unaware archer. Suddenly, you stun him and shred his body apart. You feel the glory, taking out all the loots that it once owns.

This is a common scenario on a dungeon, (ie, Treasure Grotto, Soulless Gate, etc.) You pound your way in and kill all the monsters along the way, and when you get to the boss area, you always wish that they drop something valuable. Here, we shall discuss on how to weave your way through the famed dungeon.

Treasure Grotto: Cave of riches.

Yes, most players will have to experience raiding this cave. Considering the length of this cave, it usually takes two to three hours of playing to clear the bosses without the help of a wine. Why call it the cave of riches? Because this cave owns the second most expensive mold, the Lin Yun's ring. (Next to the Bloody Ghast). Also, other intangible items like Cuirass of the Pirate King, Captain's Armlet etc. Here's a list of the molds available in TG (Treasure Grotto) and the chances of drop.

All informations taken from robsoft

Feng Yi Jian:
Mold: Cuirass of the Griever (2.96%)

Blackblade Bandit:
Mold: Helmet of Pirates (2.96%)
Mold: Charm of the Black Nest (1.26%)

Mold: Wolf-Wizard-King Mantle (1.11%)
Mold: Bloody Fangs Armlets (1.08%)
Mold: Sword of Victory (1.08%)

Miserable Lin Yun:
Mold: Lin Yun's Ring (2.18%)
Mold: Diving Dragon-Finch Bore (1.08%)

Lang Fang Tian:
Mold: Captain's Armlet (4.81%)
Mold: Captain's Leg Guards (3.36%)
Mold: Card of the Pirate King (2.72%)
Mold: Cuirass of Pirate King (2.7%)
Mold: Great Maul of Black Iron (2.7%)

Wipe your mouth and stop drooling, remember that you need a good party to be able to kill these guys.
We'll be forming a complete party (six players). Here's a suggested line-up.

1 Yao Shou, tank type.
1 Wuxia, stunner type, preferably axe type.
1 Fashih, with fire and water MDEF equipment
1 Yao Jing, pet with tough hide skill
2 Yulings, with decent healing skills.

  • You can have a party with less players, the least is three players. (Guess how)
  • You may remove the Yaoshou, but make sure that you have a Wuxia with decent def so it can be the tanker of physical type monsters while the Fashih tanks the magic types and the boss.
  • You may remove the Wuxia and the Fashih, but make sure that the Yaoshou has enough HP and gear to tank all monster and bosses.
  • You may remove one Yuling if one is good enough for support.
  • You may add one Yumang for faster killing.

Cave walk through.

You may access the cave by going through the Howling Isle. You may also access the cave by using the fairy stone, but you'll need to be at least level 71 to do so. Be careful upon entering the cave because an archer just might be right in the spawn zone, killing you before your screen loads up. So better have a Wuxia or a Yao Shou go in first.

Buff up and go for the kill. There will be a lot of archers and 'fire mages' in the first zone. These monsters run away upon receiving damage if you are too close.

For the Archers:
If you have a Wuxia in the party, have him or her stun the target and then get in for the kill. Don't out damage the Wuxia so the archer won't run away. Otherwise, try your luck with the Yaoshou stun and hope that you don't have to chase the archer.

For the Mage types:
Have your fashih damage it and tank it. Make sure that he or she has equipment with solid fire MDEF and armor of fire on. With MDEF buff from Yuling and high Fire mdef, these monsters will deal laughable damage to your Fashih.

Just make your way to the 'crossroad' (that's what I call it), and there will be 5 skeleton guards in there. Your YS/WX should have no trouble killing all of them at the same time, just make sure your Yuling supports them. To be safe, you can take them out individually.

Ok there will be two doors in here. Left side takes you to Feng Yi Jian while straight ahead goes to the Blackblade Bandit. These doors are opened randomly, so be ready for a surprise. If you head left, then be ready for some more archers and fire spewing pirates. Again, use the same tactics with the archers and mages. There will be another group of skeleton warriors along the way, just mob them up and kill them quickly.

There will be new monsters upon entering the boss area. These monster are the same fire-type mages but they deal physical damage when close. Either the Fashih or the Wuxia/Yashou could tank this little critter. After killing the monsters, we shall meet the Boss

Feng Yi Jian
HP: 1227954
Property: None
Fighting Type: Physical, Long Ranged.

Make sure your Wuxia or Yashou have decent amount of pysical def to take this one out. This boss will probably run after a damage or two, but will stay in his place after that. Being a ranged type, his damage will be greatly reduced if you are close. This is the easiest boss to kill. You might want to save you Infinite Aura; Enlightenment and Prayer of Calm will do just fine.

Okay, if the door opens straight ahead, then we'll be facing a few mobs before the boss. The door will guarded by one mage type and 3 archers. Take them out and get to the boss area. Same with Feng Yi Jian's alley, there will be the same magical melee monsters along the way. Upon clearing the mob, you shall meet.

Blackblade Bandit
HP: 1300179
Property: None
Fighting Type: Melee with occasional fire attack. Pure Fire caster when ranged.

Have you Yuling cast Infinite Aura whether your tanker is a fashih or a Yaoshou. If you are using a fashih, make sure you have high Fire Mdef. Equip armors with pure fire mdef instead of the usal five. Target him and make sure he doesn't get too close to you because you'll probably die from a strike or two. Again, with a good set-up, this boss wont damage you beyond 600.

If you're gonna tank with a Yaoshou, make sure that you have a decent amount of DEF and HP. Heavy armors with complete fire MDEF or Bonus to Fire MDEF is a plus, but not a necessity. You might want to use some potions while tanking though.
For other damagers, make sure not to out damage your tanker. A boss switching target is a nightmare coming true.

This is the end of part 1, we shall finish the discussion next week.

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