Falling Stars: Lucky... or not?

Falling Stars: Lucky… or not?

A new event by LU was announced last June 16, 2008, the Lucky Star Event part 2. a lot of players were skeptical for the 'pila' system, they expected that a lot of trouble will come out, especially in an event which huge prizes. The mechanics were a little bit unclear for most players and it took 5 pages before an immortal answered a simple inquiry. Even though a lot of players were asking for a mail system, the PW team ignored the inquiry and moved on with the 'pila' system. As I browse through the threads, I've seen some players who are hoping that the event will be successful. Imagine, four thousand pieces of soulstone of your choice is already worth a fortune, throw in a six-star dragonball and you have the prize of your dreams. People were excited, a chance of a lifetime.

But not everyone is at high hopes for this event, a few examples below, from ARuto and rydhel respectively.

"Its gonna be messy na naman"
"Delikado ata to."

Here are some players who have 'bad' feeling for the said event. But the show must go on, and the day comes.

And then comes the event.

All three servers were waiting for the said event. Six o' clock has passed, no announcement. Seven o' clock, players were still waiting. Eight o' clock, players are now frustrated. Only Dragon server has an Online GM but the event haven't started yet. The day has ended but there was no lucky star event in both Serpent and Tiger server. Players were waiting in vain for the event? What could have gone wrong?

Of course, you can't help but be frustrated against the management. Players were asking questions on what went wrong. Like an angry mob, the discussion thread was full of angst and curses. Still, no clarification from the GM team's side.
9:21 pm, a single reply from the PW management was posted. The first reply came from immortal ZhuanXu, simply to 'empathize' with the players and defending the immortals. But his post didn't answer any inquiries by the players.

Highlighted by grincross' reply:

"Mind me Mr. ZhuanXu but these statements doesn't answer our queries and concerns. xD"

ZhuanXu did not clear out if the event will continue on both Serpent and Tiger server. No GM reply will be seen for a few more pages.

We can't help but wonder why they failed to clear things out? No immortal/GM dared to answer the player's questions, even the events' organizer, Meishen, was 'invisible' all day. But, they were courageous enough to delete unwanted posts. Such unprofessional moves ignited the players fury into higher scales.

By the way, here's an explanation from LU! management (SamHok) why they did not choose the mailing system:

"Now, 1 reason why we can't use the "mail" system for this event, is because mailing will limit us the numbers of "players" who will be able to join this event."

Here a rule from the LU! thread:
"Event Duration: June 19 – June 26, 2008
• Only a maximum of 50 characters will be awarded per day. Those who are not awarded on that day may try again on other days."

There IS already a limit of winners, and that is 50. If a single character can receive 32 messages, so then create two characters to accommodate 50 mails, is that too hard to do?

Okay, so the event lasts from June 19 to June 26, that is 8 days of playing. So if there can only be 50 winners per day, there will be a maximum of 400 players per server that can win. A lot of players spent money to craft headgears for this said event, but not everyone will be entertained. So what will happen to those player who won't be trading their crafts with GM's prizes? Yep, thank you for participating, better luck next time!
Here's a post from Rockyroad to emphasize:

Tnx sa concern… sa tagal ko na nag lalqaro ng PW alam ko na mangyayari ULIT ITO… kya from d start if ur really reading dis thread.. alot already suggested na MAILING na lng like b4… matagal man pero nakuha naman AND SULIT GINASTOS NAMIN… WE ARE USING REAL MONEY 4 DIS SO PLS PLS GIVE US D SERVICE THAT WE REALLY DESERVE… SO DISAPPOINTING ON OUR PART…… MAILING IS D BEST SOLUTION!!!! PLS DO UR PART.. WE ALREADY DID OURS.. WHICH IS 2 LOAD UP AND CRAFT!"

And another one from Ray:

"its a SCAM disguised as an EVENT
Imagine. 50 players lang per day over thousands of players na gumastos ng hundreds or even thousands worth of PHP.
mas matindi pa sila mang scam kesa sa mga player scammers."

To make things worse, an announcement from GM Chagatai was posted in the thread, here's what he said

"Apologies for the confusion on the lucky star event especially on the "time" part of the mechanics it should be understood as 1 server per day for 3 hours"

It was a day too late, players already wasted their time last June 19. Countless players spent money on internet cafes. Some student might have cut classes just for this event. They've waited several hours for this event, only the be slapped in the face saying that they've waited in vain for nothing? Was this really the plan from the start or just an excuse for the failed event on both Tiger and Serpent servers last June 19th?

But wait, there's more.
Here's the scheduled awarding for all servers.

June 19 (Thu) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Dragon
June 20 (Fri) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Tiger
June 21 (Sat) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Serpent
June 22 (Sun) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Dragon
June 23 (Mon) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Tiger
June 24 (Tue) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Serpent
June 25 (Wed) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Dragon
June 26 (Thu) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Tiger

Ok, Three days for both Dragon and Tiger server, two days for Serpent server (Why you ask? I don't know). If there can only be 50 winners per day, then that means that the maximum number of winners per server will be 150 instead of the original 400. (100 for serpent server). Well ain't that insane?

LU! brought a very promising game in the Philippines. It's been proven that only a few games could match Perfect World. But with a system as faulty as this, players can't help but relocate to another game. They might not be as good as Perfect World, but a better management will surely ease things up.

Disclaimer: The event is still on-going upon writing this article.

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