Perfect World Tribune Volume 5

Falling Stars: Lucky… or not?

A new event by LU was announced last June 16, 2008, the Lucky Star Event part 2. a lot of players were skeptical for the 'pila' system, they expected that a lot of trouble will come out, especially in an event which huge prizes.
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Conquering TG: Riches awaits

You turn in a dark alley, waiting to pounce an unaware archer. Suddenly, you stun him and shred his body apart. You feel the glory, taking out all the loots that it once owns.

This is a common scenario on a dungeon, (ie, Treasure Grotto, Soulless Gate, etc.) You pound your way in and kill all the monsters along the way, and when you get to the boss area, you always wish that they drop something valuable. Here, we shall discuss on how to weave your way through the famed dungeon.

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Are we still newbie-friendly?

The word newbie is a variant of 'new boy'. "Newbie" can be used as a term to identify newcomers to a game, place, or organization. - Wikipedia

When we start in a new game, all of us are newbies. We hack and slash monsters, we do quests, we level and learn as we go along in the game.

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Avoiding Scams (5/6)

We're nearing the end of our scam series and how to avoid them. I was not sure if i should include this next topic in our series since it is illegal in the first place so if you are scammed, you can't blame anyone but yourself.

I'm talking about RMTs.

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