Fame and Fortune

Fame and Fortune

No, I'm not talking about fame for rank equipment. This is about being famous in Perfect World.

Most Online Games have its own elite class of players, those persons who are well known on their server or on the whole game. Perfect World is not exempted. We tend to have our own 'famous' people on our respective servers. There are several kinds of 'famous' people, and we shall be discussing each of them.

Item Famous

Yes, all players want to have the best item in the game, but it just won't happen. Only a few elite and a few hard working players may have the chance to obtain those 'Elite' items. For example, not everyone will reach Rank 8 in Perfect World, heck, rank 6 maybe even be too hard for most players. Think of Rank 8 and SFX comes to mind. He's the first to Rank 8 non-GM player in Philippines.

Another example, players tend to get famous with the items they have. Imagine having four-slot armors with level 8 stones on a new born server? Ever heard of al`Lan? I thought so.

Fashion addicts are also included in this group. Players that have all kinds of fashion clothes in all colors are usually well known on their servers.

World Chat famous

Everyone knows the world chat, the entertainment it brings when those 'famous' people starts waging their war using megaphones. People who use the World Chat often tends to be famous, or maybe infamous on the server. Everyone in the server can read what you want to say. Of course, it comes with price, a whooping 100 gold per shout. These people are the source of Level Up!'s income (Lol). Most of these people are conceived as 'rich kids' since they spend a lot of money just for chatting. Imagine, you can PM someone just to say 'Good Morning', but these people recklessly pay P5 per shout for a simple hello. Some go as far as spelling the word 'hello' letter by letter. Maybe not the smartest way to spend their money, but it's their choice.

Power Famous

These Group are the Game 'Elites'. They may not have the best weapon nor the best armor. They rarely shout on world chat. But their presence alone sends shivers to some players' spine. They are well known for what they can do in the game. They can either be the Best cata holders in the game, best clanmasters, first to reach level 105, or the best PK players roaming around the cities of Perfect World.

Their actions speaks for them.

The Infamous

This group is what everyone hates. Some people do become famous for the 'evil' things they do (hint: scamming). Some high level players risks being suspended just to fulfill their will. Other notable 'infamous' people are those aggro-lurers, ie, Elite Purple Dragon brought on Few Wei town. Destroys your day, but fulfills his or hers.

Fame and Fortune doesn't always go hand in hand. Nevertheless in this game, being rich or having the fortune to spend can most of the time mean being famous. Some spend as much as 200k php, some spend nothing at all. It doesn't matter if you are not one of the famous people in your server. Within our own circle of friends, we are already famous in our own ways.

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