The End of Momentary Life, the Beginning of School.

Summer vacation has come and gone, and along with it, the euphoria that laced its soft, warming touch. For some, the inevitable end has come far too soon, leaving them basking in the afterglow of past delights as they desperately squeezed every drop of fun out of each fleeting moment. For others, it could not have come too early. The promise of learning once more, of advancing another step towards a degree and a long-term, real-life goal… How they relish it.

Yes, the hiatus is over now, and everyone from the eager to the reluctant must reintegrate themselves yet again into the educational system. Faces, both familiar and new now greet these young souls as they begin the “reintegration” process. Hellos, introductions, and inquiries about summer and such are audible everywhere, the words being much alike even as they are uttered by different persons, but still as distinct and unique as the emotions within each speaker's heart. The mixing of the eager and the “not-so-much” as they paced the halls of learning has created a strange, subtle tug-of-war between their individual “auras,” the energetic learners somehow passing on their optimism to the others without it, and those without it somehow managing to sow a bit of pessimism in those that did.

Whichever side may win, however, is of little consequence, so long as their RIGHTFUL purpose for being there takes precedence over everything else. Here they all are, facing this one, undeniably important part of their lives, one that is dreaded by some and beloved by others. Their smiles and their frowns, the eagerness and the apathy, the diligence and the laziness, all but a few of the cacophony of emotions and expressions they will encounter, as they continue to make or break their way towards an uncertain future.

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