Art with Perfect World

Art with Perfect World

A lot of people enjoy the game in very unique ways. Some enjoy it just by watching the effects of each skill, some enjoy it for its quests, and some enjoy it just for the feel of the game. Personally, I enjoy the game by taking screenshots of virtually anything that piques my interest lol! I even take screenshots of monsters hahaha. And what do I do with those screenshots? I turn them to ART!

All it took was a little imagination and a lot of photoshop work hahaha!! Take for example a simple Blackfang, ever wondered what a "chibi" blackfang would look like? Lol! I did! That's why I "created" one lol!

Chibi Blackfang

Or try making your character a Chibi (no, I do not have a thing for chibis) hehehe.

Chibi Character

Or even just simply letting the true beauty of your characters speak for themselves!

In game images

It is a shame though, that I can spend hours and hours doing the editing, than trying to level up my character hahaha!

Enjoying the game does not necessarily mean just playing it! Some people see the game, not just for leveling, they see the art in it! Well, as far as I am concerned, that is how I enjoy the game ^_^

IGN: Grey
Server: Dragon
Clan: LianMeng

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