How long is the wait?

How long is the wait?

3 weeks ago as we've posted in the tribune, LU hinted that before the month would end, a new patch will be available. We all waited with excitement for the new patch.

We all know that the maintenance of the server is during Thursdays. When May 22 came and there was no patch, many people started to have doubts about the date of the release. Last May 23, GM Meishen announced in pwboards that there will be a 1.5 Exp, Soul And Drop Mods In Perfect World on May 25-June 2, which was conveniently moved to May 26-June 5 ending on a Thursday, to celebrate the coming of the frost city patch. This confirmed the doubts of many people. The patch will not come on May. Why? If the patch was slated for May, the last Thursday that it can be implemented was on May 29. Since there was an ongoing modified exp on that day, undoubtedly there's not going to be a patch. The week after that, many people speculated that June 5 will be THE day. On June 4, GM SamHok announced the extended mod rates in pwboards. To pacify and excite the players at the same time, GM SamHok provided teasers about the new items in game. Most people are looking forward to a June wedding. Some people went as far as discussing the new items, what to buy and what to discard. Then came June 12. I was sick at that time so i didn't go to work. I saw firsthand the new thing in game, or lack of it actually. GM SamHok just announced another extension of the mod rates in the pwboards. After that three announcements, my narration now sounds monotonous. Familiar. Repeated.


Image from pwboards

So how long is the wait? Really. More than a month ago, we went to meet up with GM Chagatai and Keith, the PW brand manager. Keith mentioned that the PW team has big plans for Perfect World and they are planning to change and implement new things for our enjoyment of the game. He told us that we're going to some of these changes within a month. This includes getting a new GM who is going to be like GM Asche (GM Asche was the most active GM in the boards before he was given another position in level up), the new patch that was scheduled for May, the new face of the perfect world website, new immortals who would be there to help us in game and some more information which i'm not sure if i'm allowed to tell. GM SamHok came and yes he's very active to the point that he has his own fans club now. One point. New immortals were recruited and some of them are active, some are not. It's still too early to tell completely. After all they are also players who volunteered to provide help for other players. Two points. If there is a new face of the perfect world website, then i could be blind because i still see the same facade. Talking about the new face of websites, GM Samhok announced that there will be a new level up games portal page. Maybe the perfect world team are waiting for the new LU portal so they can launch the new PW site along with the portal. Who knows. No 3 points there. Last but certainly not the least, THE patch. Certainly no 4 points there.

Keith said they are trying to get the new patches of the Perfect World 2 from Wanmei as early as possible. He was hoping that at the end of this year, we would be at par with Perfect World China. If this one patch can take more than a month to be released, how long would we need to wait to be like PW China? To give them credit, they are working hard to give us updates on what's happening. They are trying to make sure that glitches are very minimal when the patch is launched.

But still the question remains. How long is the wait?

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