Perfect World Tribune Volume 4

How long is the wait?

3 weeks ago as we've posted in the tribune, LU hinted that before the month would end, a new patch will be available. We all waited with excitement for the new more

Art with Perfect World

A lot of people enjoy the game in very unique ways. Some enjoy it just by watching the effects of each skill, some enjoy it for its quests, and some enjoy it just for the feel of the game.

Contributor: Grey
Server: Dragon
Clan: LianMeng

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Tambay thoughts

Summer vacation has come and gone, and along with it, the euphoria that laced its soft, warming touch. For some, the inevitable end has come far too soon, leaving them basking in the afterglow of past delights as they desperately squeezed every drop of fun out of each fleeting moment.

Contributor: Argus Randall

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Avoiding Scams (4/6)

So far we have discussed about scams done through in websites, trades and impersonations. The next item in the list is the vend scams.

In the real world, stores can scam you by selling you fake goods which you can't distinguish from the real thing. The game is not the real world. Items may look like the same in game but you can always check the name to see what item is being vended.
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Buknoy and co.
weisabaw.gif rumor.gif
Fame and Fortune

No, I'm not talking about fame for rank equipment. This is about being famous in Perfect World.

Most Online Games have its own elite class of players, those persons who are well known on their server or on the whole game. Perfect World is not exempted. We tend to have our own 'famous' people on our respective servers. There are several kinds of 'famous' people, and we shall be discussing each of more

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