Yao Jing Dream Equipment

Yao Jing Dream Equipment

I have never played a game that offers such a wide selection of equipment in game. In Perfect World, you can choose from any of these resources: Holy equipment, Dusk equipment, Rank equipment, Crafted items, Monster Drop. Quest rewards, Event prizes, Dragon token envoy, etc.

The question is 'How can a player decide what to use for his character?'. Upon creating a character, and upon familiarizing oneself with the game, set a path for your character.

With the patches coming in this year, sporadically, choices were altered. Before, most players were contented with 2 slotted holy weapons. But with the Dusk Patch, they're now looking to craft the best dusk equipment they can get their hands on. Yes, dusk items are Godly equips, at par with Holy Items.

By doing this, are you really thinking of your character and be beneficial in a guild? Or do you want those items so others will envy you, just showing off how great your items are?

If you would look closely, all the items are great if combined correctly. for example:

Prophet and Skywalker set + crafted items.

I will refer to janelh's site for the stats and the equipment bonuses that this set will provide.
Please take time to calculate the chanting with these choices of equipment.


manteau: hide of the oxen king

rings: Precepts of the Dark Soul Ring

belt: Skywalker Baldric

necklace: Young Dragon's Scale

headgear: (crafted: + movement)

mantle: Prophetic Verse's Mystic Robe

trousers: (crafted: + movement)

armlets: Captain's Armlet

boots: Mystic Sandals of Life-Taking

weapon: Zi Ya (seven sages; mystic sword)

If you would take all the chanting and speed here, you'll be a 'Yao Jing Sonic Terminator' speed in three ways, namely chanting, movement and recovery. These equipment should give you -43% to 55% chanting, +0.05 movement, 7-10 recovery for HP and MP. This makes HP and Def a bit low. HP/DEF can be compensated by using Soulstones, provided that you have sufficient slots on your items.

This set just makes power hungry Yao Jings drool. Of course, power comes with a price and this will cost us a hefty buck!

Yu Mangs and Wu Xia can apply this with the high critical percentage rate these mixture of items can offer and Fa shih and Yu Ling can follow the set above, excluding the rank item. Yao Shou can use physical reduction and HP MP recovery for this.

Hoping that this article can help. Let's not think what would be best for our character but what it needs and what it can give provide. We have the fashion feature if we would want to show them off anyway.

cheers PW! peace out!

Class: Yao Jing
IGN: Valinaire
Server: Dragon

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