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LianMeng Fashion

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After reading the previous article about fashion, I had this idea to discuss another thing about fashion: What else can fashion do in Perfect World?

For me, another way expressing ones personality is to wear fashionable clothes. The color and the type of fashion you wear reflects your personality and character.

All Clans wanted to have their own identity and we are not exempted.
Something came into my mind that. “What If” I persuade my clan members to use one specific fashion for male and female. Something that will be used for special purposes.
Of course, I didn't expect that all members will agree to that, but they proved me wrong. I was flattered when most of my members bought their own fashion and wore them on specific events. They wore Tang-Style for men and Qi-bao for female, exactly what I hoped they will wear.

I was so proud on the day that we had our clan Picture.

So what's the reason why I choose those fashion clothes out of all available clothes in PW?
Simple, to keep the essence of being a Chinese clan in Perfect World and a Master having a Chinese name.

And one more thing, we also use these fashion clothes during Territorial War. It aids us in spotting enemies faster and efficiently. You can easily distinguish allies from foes from afar because the fashion clothes will make identification easier for us.

Having a clan uniform is a very unique thing in Perfect World.

We are unique.

Class: Yu Mang
IGN: Huiniz
Server: Dragon

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