Is there conflict between School and Perfect World?

Is there conflict between School and Perfect World?

It's June. School time for Pinoys 'coz summer has ended. Time to wear those uniforms and start reading those books. Time to know people and teachers, even how terrorizing they can be. Now begins the 10 months of gruesome assignments and projects. Surely, one will have to start adjusting their schedule and body clock.

To most Pinoy PW Gamers, school time is both a blessing and a curse.
Most students will now have 'budget' for gaming but at the same time, will need to focus on school first.

Here, we shall discuss on how school time affects the PW community.

The Good

School means allowance, allowance is money, and let's admit that you need money for the game. Most pinoy gamers play on internet cafes and pc rental costs around P20 an hour. Students can 'earn' money by saving up for the whole week then play on the weekends. Unlike summer, students rarely play outside since they don't have any source of 'income'. They can ask their parents for some money but parents, most of the time, WILL ask you on where you are to spend the money.

Another thing, more players will be able to play during TWs on weekends. Again, they can save up on weekdays then start playing on weekends. A thrift student can save much money so they can buy certain items that they need in game. Let's face it, not a lot of people can survive daily without using money (LMB and DR, you know what I mean) and we need amulets for Town wars.

We can also invite new friends to play the game. Hey, who wouldn't want to play a game that's for free but still gives one of the best gameplay and graphics. Online Gaming can also be a considered as a 'get together' for classmates during weekends.

All in all, allowance is the main thing that makes school 'cool' for Perfect World. There are good things, but we'll also point out some bad things.

The Bad

On weekdays…


Normal school hours starts around 7 am and ends around 4pm or 5 pm. That alone takes up to 1/3 of your day. All those lectures and recitations takes away ones' energy. Then we'll send another 1/3 to your rest (sleep). We have 8 hours remaining which will be used by:

• Time you need to travel to school and back home
• Homeworks
• Dinner

So there's minimal to none time left for other activities, including playing Perfect World. Say goodbye to grinding, Du Ruo and Li Meng Bai will be your bestfriends. Some events do happen on weekdays and you'll most likely miss them, unless you cut classes which is never a good choice.

Parents tend to get strict during school days. They expect you to get home early so you'll probably miss your friends on internet cafes. They don't want you to have extra activities other than studies, so that will cut down your playing time too.

The Verdict

School and Online gaming, they say, cannot mix. But I think a person who knows how to manage his time and money can still enjoy Perfect World without making it a hindrance to studies. It's always school over gaming. Focus on your studies first, then play the game if you have time. Perfect World can be a good way of relaxing after burning out on weekdays.

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