Perfect World Tribune Volume 3 (Back to School Special)

Is there conflict between School and Perfect World?

It's June. School time for Pinoys 'coz summer has ended.

To most Pinoy PW Gamers, school time is both a blessing and a curse.
Most students will now have 'budget' for gaming but at the same time, will need to focus on school first.

Here, we shall discuss on how school time affects the PW more

LianMeng Fashion

Individual styles rock! Clan styles are unique.

In one of our screenshot of the week contest, one clan wowed us with their unity as shown in their color.

This article is about Clan fashion.
Contributor: Huiniz
Server: Dragon
Clan: LianMeng

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Yao Jing Dream Equipment

I have never played a game that offers such a wide selection of equipment in game. In Perfect World, you can choose from any of these resources: Holy equipment, Dusk equipment, Rank equipment, Crafted items, Monster Drop. Quest rewards, Event prizes, Dragon token envoy, etc.

The question is 'How can a player decide what to use for his character?'. Upon creating a character, and upon familiarizing oneself with the game, set a path for your character.

2nd article of author
Contributor: Valinaire
Server: Dragon

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Avoiding Scams (3/6)

What if you go online one day and then out of nowhere, people you dont even know start cursing you and keep saying that you should return the items that you scammed from them? How would that make you feel? Ashamed? Humiliated? Aggravated? Angry?

Let's look at the other side of the coin. What if you go online and someone you know scammed you of your hard-earned item. You remember it clearly because you don't forget any names. But now this someone denies taking your item. What would you feel? Ready to cry? Angry?

If you have experienced any of the above scenario, then you are a victim of character impersonation.
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