Wildcard Voting

Wildcard Voting

The Pheonix Council Wars 2008 is getting closer each day. The territorial war scoring had begun and for clans who don't have the quantity and strength to expand their territory, they still have a chance to represent the server via the top-up method.

To be honest, for me, the top-up method of being the server representative is just a nice term for saying "money wins".

Looking at this on a rose-colored lens, i would say that this is a win-win situation for both LU and the players.

For Level up, it is of course about the business. Perfect World is a free to play (f2p) game and other than the item-mall, they will have no way of earning money to continue publishing the game. To induce players to spend money, they have events that will require you to buy something from them; these events are not welcome to most penny-pinchers. So with this wildcard voting, LU has an event that even the most thrifty player (who belongs to a clan) will voluntarily spend his money.

For the player, this is the time where they can support the clan they want to be their server representative. One thing though, the clan should've owned a territory in the previous territorial wars until May 4. I don't know if you will view it positively or negatively. The negative thinkers will say that this is unfair for the clan who wasn't able to own any territory but could be deserving to be the server representative. The positive thinkers will say that this is good because they will know what clans are strong (and might beat the other servers in the council wars) because they were able to get a territory. So what kind of thinker are you?

To sum it up, just by looking at it logically, this event really benefits both the players and the game publisher.

To view the entire mechanics of the Wildcard Voting, visit this link Peoples Champion (Wild Card)

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